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What Teams To Stream Against In 2021

After a month into the season, we can get an early indicator on how the offenses will perform from here on out. Of course, we expect teams like the Yankees and Nationals to rebound, but what about teams like the Tigers, Rangers, Pirates, and Mariners. Every team is going to help in specific categories, but strikeout rates are up across the league. While some teams will bounce back from the early season slump, some will be ones to target throughout the year.

Texas Rangers

Strikeout rates are up across the league, which was something the league didn’t want to happen, but here we are with the Rangers striking out 29% of the time so far this season and also sitting with a .136 team ISO. This offense was going to be bad coming into the season, that we know. They have a collective .297 team wOBA and also are not a promising offense at home anymore. Even average pitchers will be able to assert themselves against this ball club. Texas leads the league in whiff rate and are not making much contact, and if they are 51% of it is on the ground.

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers offense has a few up-and-coming young players but the growing pains will be there all season. They lead the league in K% and have one of the highest swing rates in the league. They don’t run and are struggling to get on base and create runs. The 77 wRC+ as a team is amongst the bottom five in the league. The fact the Tigers struggle to get runners on base and put the ball in play will make them easy targets for the rest of the year.

Baltimore Orioles

When Baltimore is at home we have seen the offense come alive a bit but if you get an arm that produces soft contact and not allow a ton of baserunners, the Orioles will prop up the strikeouts and also don’t have a ton of pop. They are hitting .228 as a team this season and are striking out at a 27% clip. Everything has backed up the struggles for the Orioles. They have a .229 xBA, which is the lowest in the majors.

Colorado Rockies (On The Road)

I mean, the Rockies have the lowest team wRC+ among all teams right now and have a 24.5% strikeout rate. We know the bats can come alive at home, even though the occasional bad game is going to occur more often this season. I just wouldn’t target average pitchers in Coors, but I would trust anyone above them now. Nothing new this season for Colorado as they sit with a league-low 40 wRC+ on the road and the strikeout rate jumps to 28.8%. Colorado also has the lowest hard-hit and exit velocity as a team this season. Their expected numbers have not suggested they were unlucky either.