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Vines And Pines 8-3-15

Could The Jays Get Anymore Offensive?

The Blue Jays already carried some of the top talent for fantasy this season, and now they added Ben Revere and Troy Tulowitzki. Not to mention adding David Price, but we like the offense here in Vines and Pines. Tulo homered in his debut, while Revere made a huge catch in the outfield. Oh and that guy, Josh Donaldson is still mashing baseballs into the seats.

Were You Worried?

Clayton Kershaw was pushed back twice this week for his start, causing a little concern for fantasy owners, no matter what came out of Don Mattingley’s mouth. Kershaw dazzled yet again, and pushed his scoreless streak to 37 innings. I guess he is just okay. Kershaw has made a big turn from earlier in the season, you know just when he was only pitching above average baseballs.

Holy Thor

We knew the Mets had some studs in their rotation, but did we know Noah Syndergaard would be an absolute fantasy stud? Maybe. He is 5-5, with a 2.70 ERA, and a 9.5 K/9. You can blame the 5-5 record on his offense, because Syndergaard has only given up more than two earned runs four times this season. The high velocity fastball is no match for these cats.


Michael Pineda, A.J. Burnett, Matt Holliday, Clay Buchholz, C.J. Wilson, Devon Travis, Justin Turner, and Corey Dickerson have all landed on the DL over the last week or so, and don’t they know this is crunch time. It is second half, and fantasy leagues are there for the taking. Dickerson has to be the most frustrating, he has landed on the DL three times this season. Turner was red hot, and now has a leg/skin infection. Take a shower!

Defensive Play Of The Week

This was a really tough call to make, as always there are quite a few candidates. The Royals double throw was up there, but this double play was a beauty. That glove flip was really something.