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Vines And Pines 8-24-15

Oh my what a week! Yoenis Cespedes just shot teams up the standings and over their opponents in head-to-head matchups. Felix Hernandez has continuously been slumping down the stretch here. I know the Mariners are not going to make it, but I still have fantasy implications. Coors was a big boost to the Mets’ offense this week, and they took advantage of it. The Red Sox have shown some life, ranking tops in wRC+ in the last two weeks. Wrigley winds have helped the Cubs offense with some massive ISO numbers. Mike Fiers has a hot topic in the early part of the seasons, mainly being dropped, but how do you like him now?

Is That Really Mike Fiers?

Some nights you just have it, and Mike Fiers had it. He has some solid gas, but dropping the hammer like this is unfair. He only walked three, and struck out ten Dodgers in route to a no-hitter. This is the fifth no-no on the season, proving yet again pitchers are just awesome. Fiers has been up and down most of the season, but this is a monster performance. L.A.’s offense has slipped recently, but this doesn’t take anything away from his performance.

Cespedes For The Rest Of Us

Yes, I am taking the title from a Seinfeld tweet. Yoenis Cespedes clobbered three pitches into the seats, and finished with five hits, AND seven RBI. It was a monster day for Cespedes, and I certainly appreciated him being on my team. I also appreciate Coors for doing major wonders for team’s offenses. A move to the Mets hindered Cespedes’ value some, but Friday he made up for it.

Bringer Of Rain

Josh Donaldson is the first player to 100 RBI this season, and personally is my vote for AL MVP. I don’t have a vote, but sometimes I feel like I should over the writers who do. He has been a fantasy dream this season. .301, 34 HR, and 193 combined runs and RBI. We got him out of that Colosseum, and now look at him putting up monster numbers. Keep the train rolling!

Texas Pop

There has been a lot of pop in these Texas’ bats this season, and I am showing them some love. Mike Napoli returned to Texas and has been getting in on the action, but overall a lot of worth here. Prince Fielder has a rebound season. Shin-Soo Choo and Delino DeShields have been great additions in the outfield, and Rougned Odor is hot after his minor league stint.

Defensive Play Of The Week

We are not all about offense here, so our usual defensive play of the week is upon us. However, this play does not belong to a player in the Major League, or at least yet. The Oakland A’s ball boy got dirty and snagged this rocket on a diving play.