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Vines And Pines 8-10-15

Matt Carpenter Fire Emoji

After a few slumping weeks, Matt Carpenter has been on fire. He has seven homers in the last ten games, to go with a .363 average. With a few slumping third basemen, I am looking at you Todd Frazier, it is nice to see someone break out of it. The Cardinals just keep winning games despite all the injuries, and streaks like this are the reason why. Keep it going, my fantasy team thanks you.

The Lost Art

There would be no more Tommy John surgeries if pitchers threw the eephus more. Could you imagine a Jose Fernandez fastball, followed by this pitch? If Clayton Kershaw added this to his bag of tricks, he would be lethal. The spinning batter just makes this look even more ridiculous than it already is.

Red-Hot Jays

The Jays swept the Yankees via the long ball this weekend, and head back to the Rogers Centre, where they rank first in runs, and second in home runs. This is all ahead of the Rockies at Coors too. Only two teams have scored more runs than the Blue Jays in the last two weeks, the White Sox and the Yankees. New York really didn’t put up a fight in this last series, that is for sure.

Mat Latos’ Season Summed Up In One Vine

Mat Latos has been on and off the DL, but when he has been pitching, it is not very well. He is 4-8 this season, with a 4.67 ERA. He landed with the Marlins, and was traded to the Dodgers. Which leads me to the question, why do people want this guy? An opposite field home run in PNC Park, BY A PITCHER….

Defensive Play Of The Week

Did Derek Jeter come out of retirement? No, but Carlos Correa is already receiving high praise as the best shortstop in the game already. Is it a little early to jump the gun? Sure, but the other shortstops are putting up much of a fight. Hitting .288, 14 SB, 9 HR in 54 games is fairly impressive for a 20 year old. Not only is the offense there, plays like this are sometimes what we remember the most.