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Vines And Pines 7-13-15

The first half of baseball is over, and now lets take a look back at some of the first half moments in this Vines And Pines edition.

AVG – Miguel Cabrera .350

HR – Giancarlo Stanton 27 – Yes still even with missing time.

RBI – Paul Goldschmidt & Nolan Arenado 69

SB – Billy Hamilton 44

W – Gerrit Cole 13

ERA – Zack Greinke 1.39

K – Clayton Kershaw 160

Bryce Harper’s Rise

Bryce Harper has turned in a MVP like first half, and right now he is the MVP so far for the NL for many. Harper is hitting .339 with 26 homers, and 61 RBI. He also has a ridiculous .464 OBP. He has been a fantasy player’s dream this season, and for all those who laughed at you taking Bryce Harper over Giancarlo Stanton or even Andrew McCutchen, the joke is on them.

Kris Bryant Arrives

You stashed him, drafted him, and stayed glued to the waiver wire for him. Kris Bryant was worth the small wait this season. He is hitting .269 with, 12 HR, 51 RBI, and 8 SB. Safe to say he will be a keeper for a long time, and the trends he will make over the next few years will be a joy to watch.

Chris Heston No-No

I know Max Scherzer threw a no hitter, but how about a waiver wire/streamer no hitter. It doesn’t get much better than that. Chris Heston has been a stud for a waiver wire pitcher this season. He is 9-5 with a 3.39 ERA, and if you say this is a lucky stretch, he has a 3.23 FIP to back it up. Heston has easily been the second best pitcher on the Giants, and I believe he will be going forward.

Chris Sale Strikeout Crazy

Chris Sale has been a dynamic force with strikeouts this season, with a 33.5% strikeout rate, which leads the majors. He does not lead the league in strikeouts, which belongs to Clayton Kershaw, although he does have one start on Sale. He has a 15.8% swinging strike rate, and has been an elite fantasy pitcher this season.

North Of The Border Donaldson

When Josh Donaldson was traded from Oakland to Toronto, fantasy players were ecstatic. The Rogers Centre is one of the best places to hit, and really the AL East is one of the best too. He is hitting .293 this year, with 21 HR, and 60 RBI. Now here is where things take a twist, he is hitting .352 at home, with 14 homers. Just .233 on the road with 7 homers. Pretty big splits for Donaldson, as in the past he has only been a lefty masher.