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Vines And Pines 6-28-15

After a tough week, we are going to need some cheering up, and I have the vines for that. A Michael Pineda ERA blowup, and Giancarlo Stanton heading to the DL, there is still plenty to cheer about. Jose Fernandez is on his way back this week, and Edwin Encarnacion is starting to mash baseballs again.

Kris Bryant Takes Clayton Kershaw Deep

There is two things to take away from this vine. One, Clayton Kershaw can’t hang two strike breaking balls to anyone, he is too good for that. Two, Kris Bryant punishes a mistake and goes opposite field with authority. He is going to be a force in baseball, real and fake, for years to come.

The Todd-Father Continues To Mash Baseballs

Todd Frazier now has 25 homers on the season, and he is clearly mastering the bat flip. He hit .295 in the month of June, with eight dingers. He has been a big surprise to the fantasy baseball world this season, we knew he would be valuable, but not this valuable. He is on pace for 55 homers.

Madison Bumgarner Finds His Strikeout Pitch

After 14 strikeouts on Tuesday, and eight again today. He has 41 strikeouts in June, on 31 innings pitched. He now has a 25.3% strikeout rate, and a 35% strikeout rate in June. It still blows my mind he is 25 years old, so fantasy owners will enjoys these numbers for a long time.

Another NSFW Corey Kluber Vine

This time Manny Machado is the victim on his filthy slider. Just stop it man. Despite being 3-9 on the season, he has a 28.4% strikeout rate, which ranks seventh in the majors. He has a 13.8% swinging strike rate, probably due to pitches like this.

Defensive Play Of The Week

Josh Donaldson is not only doing it with the bat, he helped preserve a perfect game with this diving catch. Although no fantasy points are awarded, you have to love the defensive web gems these guys give.