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Two-Start Pitcher Preview: 4-27

Two-start pitchers are a great way to stream pitchers, and also is important for setting weekly leagues. David Price, Johnny Cueto, Corey Kluber, are all highlight pitchers getting two starts this week. I will highlight those streamers, alongside potential risky start/sit players. All probable start dates are those listed on ESPN.com. Just want to apologize, we will usually have these out Monday morning, just had a conflict.

Anibal Sanchez Tueday, Sunday MIN, KCR
Jered Weaver Tueday, Sunday OAK, SFG
Sonny Gray Tueday, Sunday LAA, LAD
Michael Wacha Tueday, Sunday PHI, PIT
Trevor Bauer Tueday, Sunday KCR, TOR
Johnny Cueto Tueday, Sunday MIL, ATL
Julio Teheran Tueday, Sunday WAS, CIN


Johnny Cueto has a great two-start week, facing a battered Milwaukee team, and a below average offense in Atlanta. Michael Wacha, Trevor Bauer, and Sonny Gray all are pitching great, and despite a few matchups against better offenses, they are safe starts as well. If you have any shares of Jered Weaver, I am passing on his starts this week, just not a guy worth owning in fantasy baseball anymore. The A’s and Giants both have a fair share of left-handed bats, whom are hitting .354 off of him this season. Anibal Sanchez is a safe start against the Twins and Royals this week. Julio Teheran is an okay start against Washington, I am not loving it, but he should put in a quality start. The start against Cincinnati scares me, he is a fly ball pitcher, and the Reds lineup has been a solid bunch so far.