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AL Waiver Wire 6-24-15


Taijuan Walker – Mariners – SP – Y! 47% – ESPN 49%

Taijuan Walker is on a really nice stretch here over the last month or so, and he is trending in the right direction. He has a 2.63 ERA over 28 innings here in June, and has upped his strikeout rate by 7%. He is getting more groundballs, which in combination with his strikeouts has triggered success. He has had a 3.14 FIP in this span, so not just a string up lucky starts. He finally has the looks of the pitcher we expected, and his monthly build signals him putting it together.

Roberto Osuna – Blue Jays – RP – Y! 13% – ESPN 8%

Brett Cecil was the guy, he was pitching well, just not getting saves. Now he gets opportunities and blows them. Jays had Roberto Osuna out for the save, and he should be the guy going forward. He has a 2.12 ERA in 32 innings this season, and a 13% swinging strike rate. He has a 2.11 FIP, so if he does get the job officially, he should hold plenty of fantasy value.

Position Players:

Logan Forsythe – Rays – 1B, 2B – Y! 28% – ESPN 54%

The Rays are really filled with waiver wire potential, whether it is Joey Butler, or Kevin Kiermaier. This time it is Logan Forsythe, he is hitting in the top of the order and doing it all. 60 R+RBI this season so far, and eight HR+SB. He has solid batted ball stats that lead to his higher BABIP, so even if it comes down a little he should be fine. He has a nice selection of eligibility, and is moderately owned.

Brett Lawrie – A’s – 2B, 3B – Y! 50% – ESPN 34%

Brett Lawrie has gone under the radar this season, he has been pretty good. Not Josh Donaldson good, so still a bum trade for the A’s if I have ever seen one. He has a .381 BABIP that will come down, but still a drop from .291 is still above what many expect from Lawrie. He is having a really solid June, hitting .365, so if you are riding hot streaks he is on a tear right now.

Carlos Beltran – Yankees – OF – Y! 29% – ESPN 28%

Now Carlos Beltran starts to heat up, there is no doubt this guy can hit, and has plenty of fantasy value in Yankee Stadium. He is hitting .321 this month, but over the last week he has three homers. If he can put it all together, his ROS looks pretty good. He really struggled in the first two months, although has built up his batted ball stats over that time. Beltran is a nice add here with him heating up with the weather.