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Soriano over Santana?

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Postby mtarail » Thu Mar 03, 2005 7:49 pm

Cornbread Maxwell wrote:
AcidRock23 wrote:I don't totally buy that Soriano is 'done' and into a decline...he had an off year and is only 28.

28 by Dominican Republic standards. ;-7

I know I say that jokingly - but not really.

Actually, he's 29 right now. And Santana is 26 right now. I like Santana over Soriano this year, but in a keeper with that age differential I'd much rather haveSantana. After all, within 3 or 4 years Soriano is gonna be too old to be stealing 30+ bases, and then his value goes down, down, down.
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Re: Soriano over Santana?

Postby TheYanks04 » Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:18 pm

wrveres wrote:
TheYanks04 wrote:From the CBS site:

Ques: I can keep Johan Santana or Alfonso Soriano -- wish I could keep both. Which one would you hold on to?

B.B.: Ouch. That is rough. But it's an enviable spot to be in because both players qualify as the best at their positions. It seems this season the second-base pool is much more thin than those in the high-end of the starting pitcher's pool. So, in short, keep Soriano.

Soriano over Santana? I do not think so. Wonder if this guy also likes O. Cabrera in the 4th round?

your hatred for Soriano is amazing ... :-t
and aparently blinding too ...

Would that sort of be like your blinding love of Balco Barry? Tell us again how Barry never used roids or HGH and it was all flaxseed oil...or was that someone else around here?

In any event, you do not have to like or dislike anyone to know that a $40 SP is worth more than a $20 2b. Santana is younger and his value is between 50 and 100% more depending on how you want to project their numbers this season. Unless you are off in wonderland projecting Soriano to be 40/100/100 40 SBs.
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