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Hey this makes me curious.

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Hey this makes me curious.

Postby LT Blue Colt » Mon Feb 28, 2005 8:26 pm

There was a post on steriods a while ago on what guys might have been "steroid guys" the cafe came up with a list of:
Eric Gagne - Chi-town Sports talk
*Brett Boone - we all knew he was on the way down from a few years ago
*Jeff Bagwell - we all knew he was on the way down from a few years ago
*Mike Piazza - Paul White Fantasy Baseball seminar
*Marcus Giles - Paul White Fantasy Baseball seminar
*Pudge Rodriguez - rotoworld and photo on the Tigers web page
*Sammy Sosa - No source, but suggestions that he is even smaller?
*Travis Haffner - He started eating "veggies" and shrunk - suspect

Obviously Bonds and Giambi aren't on this list but should be, what about Tejada? There has been some speculation.

This was posted earlier in Baseball Fantasy Talk under a topic of "Players to stay away from". And I noticed it metioned that the cafe came up with this list. So I took it pretty serious, and wondered what everybody thought about how this might affect Pudge's performance this upcoming season. I doubt it will be drastic, but do you think it might hurt? Or not? :-?
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Postby Cornbread Maxwell » Mon Feb 28, 2005 11:13 pm

I really wouldnt worry about Pudge - he looks fantastic - better than he has in years.

BTW - "the cafe" dint ever produce a list of questionable steroid users - whoever you quoted came up with that all by himself.
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Postby cmchampa2 » Tue Mar 01, 2005 3:35 am

Personally, I think steroid use in baseball is so wide-spread that no individual teams will be hurt/helped by more more strict testing. I don't remember the source, or even if there was one (I may have dreamt it) but I thought a voluntary and anonymous steroid testing survey was done and some 30 or 40 players out of a 100 tested positive... and this was voluntary.

Why they just don't break down and test for steroids is mind boggling. Who's stopping this? Every sport, hell, every employer has drug screening.

There's simply too much room for error. These are the common sense facts: players can afford steroids, they can get away with using them, they have easy access to them, they stand to get bigger contracts using steroids, marginal players can use the help, so can the best players. Did I mention bigger contracts? Given all that, I'm surprised that some players DON'T use steroids.
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