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Good Strategy?

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Good Strategy?

Postby Leber » Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:31 am

For my league I was thinking of loading up on 5 and 1 pitchers during the first 6 rounds and then go after the ebst available after that(unless a player slips and I cant pass him up). But i was looking at the scoring system again and thinking that if i can grap gagne and K-rod or another good closer and then go after hitters and each week get two-start pitchers I would be better off. What do you guys think?

Its a h2h points based league with weekly lineups....
heres the scroign system;

Thanks for your help,
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Postby bd3521 » Tue Feb 22, 2005 3:00 am

Looks like the standard Sportsline H2H.

Heres a league i drafted yesterday. Some owners enacted the stragey you did with an early and often run on closers.

Round 1
1 INDIANS Albert Pujols (1B STL)
2 Team Zissou Alex Rodriguez (3B NYY)
3 USMC_BULLDOGS Carlos Beltran (OF NYM)
4 THE WARRIORS Mariano Rivera (P NYY)
5 Oakland A's Randy Johnson (P NYY)
6 jjsbraves88 Vladimir Guerrero (OF ANA)
7 Haileys Comets 3 Johan Santana (P MIN)
8 NYY Legends Miguel Tejada (SS BAL)
9 Oregon Outlaws Bobby Abreu (OF PHI)
10 LONG-BALLS Scott Rolen (3B STL)
Round 2
11 LONG-BALLS Jason Schmidt (P SF)
12 Oregon Outlaws Mark Teixeira (1B TEX)
13 NYY Legends Manny Ramirez (OF BOS)
14 Haileys Comets 3 Eric Gagne (P LA)
15 jjsbraves88 Mark Prior (P CHC)
16 Oakland A's Ben Sheets (P MIL)
17 THE WARRIORS Barry Bonds (OF SF)
18 USMC_BULLDOGS Pedro Martinez (P NYM)
19 Team Zissou Todd Helton (1B COL)
20 INDIANS Curt Schilling (P BOS)
Round 3
21 INDIANS Joe Nathan (P MIN)
22 Team Zissou Jake Peavy (P SD)
23 USMC_BULLDOGS Carlos Delgado (1B FLA)
24 THE WARRIORS Roger Clemens (P HOU)
25 Oakland A's Adam Dunn (OF CIN)
26 jjsbraves88 Francisco Rodriguez (P ANA)
27 Haileys Comets 3 Brad Lidge (P HOU)
28 NYY Legends Kerry Wood (P CHC)
29 Oregon Outlaws Miguel M. Cabrera (OF FLA)
30 LONG-BALLS Jim Edmonds (OF STL)
Round 4
31 LONG-BALLS Derek Jeter (SS NYY)
32 Oregon Outlaws Victor J. Martinez (C CLE)
33 NYY Legends Alfonso Soriano (2B TEX)
34 Haileys Comets 3 Roy Oswalt (P HOU)
35 jjsbraves88 Jim Thome (1B PHI)
36 Oakland A's Hank Blalock (3B TEX)
37 THE WARRIORS Carl Pavano (P NYY)
38 USMC_BULLDOGS Mark Mulder (P STL)
39 Team Zissou Ichiro Suzuki (OF SEA)
40 INDIANS Francisco Cordero (P TEX)
Round 5
41 INDIANS Jason Isringhausen (P STL)
42 Team Zissou Oliver Perez (P PIT)
44 THE WARRIORS David Ortiz (U BOS)
45 Oakland A's Octavio Dotel (P OAK)
46 jjsbraves88 Bartolo Colon (P ANA)
47 Haileys Comets 3 Tim Hudson (P ATL)
48 NYY Legends Keith Foulke (P BOS)
49 Oregon Outlaws Roy Halladay (P TOR)
50 LONG-BALLS Carlos Zambrano (P CHC)
Round 6
51 LONG-BALLS Brian Giles (OF SD)
52 Oregon Outlaws Aramis Ramirez (3B CHC)
53 NYY Legends Josh Beckett (P FLA)
54 Haileys Comets 3 Hideki Matsui (OF NYY)
55 jjsbraves88 Nomar Garciaparra (SS CHC)
56 Oakland A's John Smoltz (P ATL)
57 THE WARRIORS Marcus Giles (2B ATL)
58 USMC_BULLDOGS Gary Sheffield (OF NYY)
59 Team Zissou Edgar Renteria (SS BOS)
60 INDIANS Jason Bay (OF PIT)
Round 7
61 INDIANS Armando Benitez (P SF)
62 Team Zissou Trevor Hoffman (P SD)
63 USMC_BULLDOGS Jeff Kent (2B LA)
64 THE WARRIORS Carl Crawford (OF TB)
65 Oakland A's Michael Young (SS TEX)
66 jjsbraves88 Danny Kolb (P ATL)
67 Haileys Comets 3 Melvin Mora (3B BAL)
68 NYY Legends Mike Mussina (P NYY)
69 Oregon Outlaws A.J. Burnett (P FLA)
70 LONG-BALLS Johnny Damon (OF BOS)
Round 8
71 LONG-BALLS Aubrey Huff (3B TB)
72 Oregon Outlaws Carlos Lee (OF MIL)
73 NYY Legends Matt Clement (P BOS)
74 Haileys Comets 3 Rich Harden (P OAK)
75 jjsbraves88 Shawn Green (OF ARI)
76 Oakland A's Billy Wagner (P PHI)
77 THE WARRIORS Jorge Posada (C NYY)
78 USMC_BULLDOGS Adrian Beltre (3B SEA)
79 Team Zissou Juan Pierre (OF FLA)
80 INDIANS Sammy Sosa (OF BAL)
Round 9
81 INDIANS Eric Chavez (3B OAK)
82 Team Zissou Ivan Rodriguez (C DET)
83 USMC_BULLDOGS Rafael Furcal (SS ATL)
84 THE WARRIORS Matt Morris (P STL)
85 Oakland A's Paul Konerko (1B CHW)
86 jjsbraves88 Chipper Jones (3B ATL)
87 Haileys Comets 3 Brad B. Wilkerson (1B WAS)
88 NYY Legends Livan Hernandez (P WAS)
89 Oregon Outlaws Justin Morneau (1B MIN)
90 LONG-BALLS Sean Casey (1B CIN)
Round 10
91 LONG-BALLS Chris Carpenter (P STL)
92 Oregon Outlaws Javier Vazquez (P ARI)
93 NYY Legends Freddy An. Garcia (P CHW)
94 Haileys Comets 3 Andruw Jones (OF ATL)
95 jjsbraves88 Ken Griffey (OF CIN)
96 Oakland A's Troy Glaus (3B ARI)
97 THE WARRIORS Wade Miller (P BOS)
98 USMC_BULLDOGS Greg Maddux (P CHC)
99 Team Zissou Mark Loretta (2B SD)
100 INDIANS Kevin Mench (OF TEX)
Round 11
101 INDIANS Guillermo Mota (P FLA)
102 Team Zissou Mark Buehrle (P CHW)
103 USMC_BULLDOGS Larry Walker (OF STL)
104 THE WARRIORS C.C. Sabathia (P CLE)
105 Oakland A's Garret Anderson (OF ANA)
106 jjsbraves88 Andy Pettitte (P HOU)
107 Haileys Comets 3 Jason Varitek (C BOS)
108 NYY Legends Richie Sexson (1B SEA)
109 Oregon Outlaws Troy Percival (P DET)
110 LONG-BALLS Joe Mauer (C MIN)
Round 12
111 LONG-BALLS D'Angelo Jimenez (2B CIN)
112 Oregon Outlaws Jeremy Bonderman (P DET)
113 NYY Legends Mike Lowell (3B FLA)
114 Haileys Comets 3 Derrek Lee (1B CHC)
115 jjsbraves88 Kevin K. Brown (P NYY)
116 Oakland A's Corey Patterson (OF CHC)
117 THE WARRIORS Carlos Guillen (SS DET)
118 USMC_BULLDOGS Kevin Millwood (P CLE)
119 Team Zissou Geoff Jenkins (OF MIL)
120 INDIANS Mike Piazza (C NYM)
Round 13
121 INDIANS Bret Boone (2B SEA)
122 Team Zissou Khalil Greene (SS SD)
123 USMC_BULLDOGS Shingo Takatsu (P CHW)
124 THE WARRIORS Craig A. Wilson (1B PIT)
125 Oakland A's Vernon Wells (OF TOR)
126 jjsbraves88 Pat Burrell (OF PHI)
127 Haileys Comets 3 Barry Zito (P OAK)
128 NYY Legends Travis Hafner (U CLE)
129 Oregon Outlaws Bobby Crosby (SS OAK)
130 LONG-BALLS Jason Marquis (P STL)
Round 14
131 LONG-BALLS Danny Graves (P CIN)
132 Oregon Outlaws Jose B. Reyes (2B NYM)
133 NYY Legends Magglio Ordonez (OF DET)
134 Haileys Comets 3 Scott Podsednik (OF CHW)
135 jjsbraves88 J.D. Drew (OF LA)
136 Oakland A's Paul Lo Duca (C FLA)
137 THE WARRIORS Jaret Wright (P NYY)
138 USMC_BULLDOGS Dontrelle Willis (P FLA)
139 Team Zissou Odalis Perez (P LA)
140 INDIANS David Wright (3B NYM)
Round 15
141 INDIANS Jason Lane (OF HOU)
142 Team Zissou Ramon Hernandez (C SD)
143 USMC_BULLDOGS Frank Thomas (U CHW)
144 THE WARRIORS Brad Radke (P MIN)
145 Oakland A's Brian Roberts (2B BAL)
146 jjsbraves88 Johnny Estrada (C ATL)
147 Haileys Comets 3 Jimmy Rollins (SS PHI)
148 NYY Legends Jason Kendall (C OAK)
149 Oregon Outlaws Preston Wilson (OF COL)
150 LONG-BALLS Jon Lieber (P PHI)
Round 16
151 LONG-BALLS Torii Hunter (OF MIN)
152 Oregon Outlaws Jerome Williams (P SF)
153 NYY Legends Lance Berkman (OF HOU)
154 Haileys Comets 3 Eddie Guardado (P SEA)
155 jjsbraves88 Jose Vidro (2B WAS)
156 Oakland A's B.J. Ryan (P BAL)
157 THE WARRIORS Braden Looper (P NYM)
158 USMC_BULLDOGS Kris Benson (P NYM)
159 Team Zissou Jeff Bagwell (1B HOU)
160 INDIANS Luis E. Gonzalez (OF ARI)
Round 17
161 INDIANS Bob Wickman (P CLE)
162 Team Zissou Lew Ford (OF MIN)
163 USMC_BULLDOGS Moises Alou (OF SF)
164 THE WARRIORS Jarrod Washburn (P ANA)
165 Oakland A's Cliff Lee (P CLE)
166 jjsbraves88 Jose Guillen (OF WAS)
167 Haileys Comets 3 Luis Castillo (2B FLA)
168 NYY Legends Brandon Webb (P ARI)
169 Oregon Outlaws Jeff Weaver (P LA)
170 LONG-BALLS Brian Lawrence (P SD)
Round 18
171 LONG-BALLS Kaz Matsui (SS NYM)
172 Oregon Outlaws David Wells (P BOS)
173 NYY Legends Aaron Rowand (OF CHW)
174 Haileys Comets 3 Zack Greinke (P KC)
175 jjsbraves88 Bronson Arroyo (P BOS)
176 Oakland A's Lyle Overbay (1B MIL)
177 THE WARRIORS Jeromy Burnitz (OF CHC)
178 USMC_BULLDOGS Danys Baez (P TB)
179 Team Zissou Steve Finley (OF ANA)
180 INDIANS Jake Westbrook (P CLE)
Round 19
181 INDIANS Chad Cordero (P WAS)
182 Team Zissou Reggie Sanders (OF STL)
183 USMC_BULLDOGS Cliff Floyd (OF NYM)
184 THE WARRIORS Mike Sweeney (1B KC)
185 Oakland A's Rodrigo Lopez (P BAL)
186 jjsbraves88 Jason Giambi (1B NYY)
187 Haileys Comets 3 Jose Mesa (P PIT)
188 NYY Legends Brad Penny (P LA)
189 Oregon Outlaws Jorge Julio (P BAL)
190 LONG-BALLS Doug Mientkiewicz (1B NYM)
Round 20
191 LONG-BALLS A.J. Pierzynski (C CHW)
192 Oregon Outlaws Paul Byrd (P ANA)
193 NYY Legends Chone Figgins (OF ANA)
194 Haileys Comets 3 Vicente Padilla (P PHI)
195 jjsbraves88 Mike Hampton (P ATL)
196 Oakland A's Doug Davis (P MIL)
197 THE WARRIORS Juan Uribe (2B CHW)
199 Team Zissou Adam Eaton (P SD)
200 INDIANS Chase Utley (2B PHI)
Round 21
201 INDIANS Orlando Cabrera (SS ANA)
202 Team Zissou Dallas McPherson (3B ANA)
204 THE WARRIORS Russ Ortiz (P ARI)
205 Oakland A's Randy Winn (OF SEA)
206 jjsbraves88 Horacio Ramirez (P ATL)
207 Haileys Comets 3 LaTroy Hawkins (P CHC)
208 NYY Legends Aaron Boone (3B CLE)
209 Oregon Outlaws Jeremy Reed (OF SEA)
210 LONG-BALLS Austin Kearns (OF CIN)
Round 22
211 LONG-BALLS Jeremy Affeldt (P KC)
212 Oregon Outlaws Shannon Stewart (OF MIN)
213 NYY Legends Phil Nevin (1B SD)
214 Haileys Comets 3 Jose Contreras (P CHW)
215 jjsbraves88 John Buck (C KC)
216 Oakland A's John Thomson (P ATL)
217 THE WARRIORS Eric Milton (P CIN)
218 USMC_BULLDOGS Kenny Rogers (P TEX)
219 Team Zissou Aaron Miles (2B COL)
220 INDIANS Coco Crisp (OF CLE)
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