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Anyone in a 16 team league? Any advice?

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Postby GotowarMissAgnes » Thu Feb 10, 2005 1:16 am

Niffoc4 wrote:Something I found useful late in my 19team keeper league's draft was writing out the needs for each team... and just paying attention to who is taken before you. So if closers are going, then get a closer, with the league being bigger this is much more important than in a smaller league. Also become very acquainted with rookies, players returning from injuries and closers in waiting

Abso friggin lutely. I know exactly what each team needs and try to estimate when they will pull the trigger. In my current league, I need a SS and a C. I know which teams, especially those behind me in the draft, need the same. I want to be ready to make my pick before they do.

Good's 10 keeper, 16 team mixed league. I'm 12th in the draft. Two teams behind me need SS. Furcal and Rollins are still in the pool. Round 11 starts and I'll be looking to see if either of those two are available. If they are, I know I need to grab them in 11 and not wait until 12, because there's a real chance the teams behind me will take them if I don't. Another example...I was originally planning to grad a C after round 15. Looking through current mock drafts, I'm expecting all the good ones to disappear in my league before round 14. So, I'll probably grab one in round 13 to be safe.
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Postby Bukoski77 » Thu Feb 10, 2005 3:04 am

It would greatly help to know if this is Roto or Points. A couple of suggestions.

Suggestion #1.
Points leagues you can get by easily with only 1 closer if you draft a couple of SP with RP eligibility for your 3rd-7th pitchers, provided your league allows for that. Do your homework if you try that strategy though. I have seen it work brilliantly with pitchers like Johan Santana and Kelvim Escobar last year. I have also seen it fail miserably with Jose Contreras. That can be a fairly effective strategy without too great a risk as points are points.

I'm never one for punting saves in Roto. It is a little easier to punt saves in a bigger league, but I would never recommend useing SP eligible for Relief like the above example. Its effective in H-H because a win is points and it overcomes often times bad ratios. In Roto that just isnt worth the risk of hurting your other categories for wins.

Suggestion #2.
2nd - 5th tier pitchers, your fantasy 3rd-5th starters, are a little bit thinner than hitters. In the mid rounds you might want to consider filling out your pitching staff before that 3rd/4th Outfielder, Utility, DH, etc......

Suggestion #3.
Grab a top middle reliever. Last year in my 12 team $$ points league, one owner got K-Rod in the 14th round (I was hopeing he would slip to around the 18th and get him then). He scored 17th of all RP's in that league bye years end. In my 16 team $$ points league I got him in the 15th round. Both those leagues are keeper or else he would have slipped a few rounds as it was fairly certain even then he would be the closer this year.

Useing that top middle reliever is well known in Roto and isnt much of a secret at all except for begginer leagues. I dont see it used as effectively in points leagues and use them every year in points leagues. Just dont over manage. The Wins, vulture Saves, Holds, etc... will come erraticly but make an effective difference bye years end. Why gamble on a scrub waiver pitcher if you have that to work with.

As has been stated watch waivers. The pickings are slimmer than smaller leagues as is pretty obvious.

There isnt too drastic a strategy change going from 12 to 16 teams IMHO, just a few slight differences. The difficulty of a league is 100% contingent upon the skill level of the other owners.
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Postby Cleveland Steamers » Thu Feb 10, 2005 1:11 pm

The league Im in is going to be a standard 5x5 H2H league. We may have 14, but Im assuming it will jump to 16 people before the draft. Thanks for all the advice. Any more would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby Registered_Guest » Thu Feb 10, 2005 1:46 pm

My best advice is to build a great squad around the horn & obtain 1 great closer & a couple solid set up men.
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Postby riverrat » Thu Feb 10, 2005 2:58 pm

I play in a 20-team league. Because of a snake draft once you draft it will be quite a while 'till it gets back to you. Many great players will be gone. IMHO, in your 1st 3 rounds you HAVE to get the best hitter available, the best SP and best CL. They will act as your 'studs'. Then you fill-in your team with the best available selection.
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