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MOCK Fantasy AUCTION Wednesday

PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 9:46 pm
by daweasle
If anyone is interested - we will be holding a fantasy auction this wednesday at 3:00 PM East Coast Time.(time is a little bit negotiable - I can move it up an hour or two if needed.)

I will take the rest of the day today to see how much interest there is and later tonite I will post the info for you to sign up.

It will be FREE. It is NOT going to turn into an actual league once the season begins, it is only for practice.

If you interested - please sign up in this thread and I will PM you the password. It is setup for 14 teams, and there are 11 spots open so if you want to join be one of the first 11 poeple to sign up.

Here's the proposed roster: (I can change it if you guys want to.)
1 C
1 first base
1 second base
1 third base
1 short stop
4 Outfield
2 Utility players(must be batters)

2 RP
2 SP
3 P(either relief or starters)

set up for minimum bid $1, max salary $260.
14 teams.(I can move it up to 16 if there is enuf interest.)

Let me know if you want to join.


PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 9:49 pm
by daweasle
by the way - it goes snake style for selection purposes - you have 45 secs to select the next player you want to bid on.

everyone gets 15 secs to bump up the bidding $1 increments until no one bumps it for 15 secs.

(It's run on

I'm negotiable....let me know if you have suggestions on how to make it better.