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Ultimate Baseball Online - MMO style baseball game

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Ultimate Baseball Online - MMO style baseball game

Postby Bolter » Tue Jan 18, 2005 10:48 pm

UBO is a multiplayer baseball game, that allows you to play a specific position(you can change) in 3rd person view, along side of other players from around the world. AI can fill some empty positions, but it requires 5v5 for a game to start.
It has a level system like MMRPGs. Once you level, you can add points to skills.

It is currently in beta, so there are some bugs.

You can download & play for FREE until it goes public. You don't have to enter any payment info. - Start downloading(130mb or so), then register an account.

If you have any problems with the installation or logging in, stop by the forums & look under First Aid Kit - most issues have solutions already there.

1) Practice: before you join a live game, you'll want to make sure you know how to hit! Fielding is a whole 'nother topic ;) (no practice for it yet)
2) Hold left-click to catch/field. The same to throw the ball. Make sure you hold it down though, not just click.
3) You normally can't run & field(sometimes it will make your character dive though. Don't count on it.). Until this is fully implemented, move in front of the ball & stop with glove open.
4) Catcher & 1st Base are the easiest positions to start learning.
- For Catcher, you right click to sit/stand. The Catcher must be sitting in order for the Pitcher to go into pitching mode.
5) Default controls are A,W,S,D. You can change those under the Options menu, as well as other options.

For more info/instructions, read the manual ;)

I'm posting this in hopes to get some more people in the game, especially in the morning. The servers are typically empty nowadays in the morning.

I don't work for or endorse Netamin. I'm just another player :)
Hope to see some more new faces on the field! :D
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