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new keeper league rules... need feedback.

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new keeper league rules... need feedback.

Postby koondog » Mon Jan 03, 2005 6:47 pm

So I am debating if this message should be put in the Classified group, but since i am not solicating new owners yet, I figure this group is more appropiate.

So without further ado...

I drafted this rules set over the NYE weekend for a new keeper league that I am starting this year. Some of the rules are pretty standard and added some others to make things interesting. i.e loser's bracket.

So if anyone's has any comments, I would appreciate it.



I. Teams & Rosters

1. League will begin with 14 teams using both AL and NL MLB players from 2005 season.

2. There is a $260 cap for the initial draft and $320 in-season cap.

3. Each team will contain a roster up to 33 players spread out over three rosters (Active, Injured, Minor)

4. The Active Roster contains 23 players. C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 4 OF, 1 DH/UTIL, 4 SP, 3 RP, 4 Bench

5. The Bench positions can be a player of any position and will not count in the teams stats.

6. Each player will be assigned a salary amount based on their purchase price at the initial auction.

7. There will be 2 spots for Injuries (see 10.1)

8. The Minor League roster can contain up to 8 minor league players. (see 11)

II. Initial Auction

1. Each team must acquire 23 major league players at a cost that does not exceed the $260 auction cap. A team need not spend the total amount.

2. The auction date is tentatively set for March 26 or March 27, 2005

3. The auction location will most likely be held in midtown Manhattan. (53rd and Park Ave)

4. All MLB players are eligible for this auction. Minor league players may be purchased, however the auction price will count against the salary cap and that player will lose their “free” minor league status (see 3.1, 11) for the entire season.

5. The teams will be assigned an auction order, and the first team will announce a player to be auctioned. The starting salary is $1 or the team can announce the starting salary. Once announced, any team may make a bid on that player, increasing the bid by any dollar amount. Bidding continues until we have one bidder left and the auctioneer has said “Going Once, Going Twice SOLD!”

6. No bids will be accepted after a player has been sold.

7. If two teams make the same bid for a player at the same time, the auctioneer will decide which team announced first and that team will have the current bid. His/Her decision is final.

8. No team may bid more for a player that he/she has left. Example. Team A has 3 positions to fill and have $4 left. The maximum amount he/she is allowed to bid is $2 for any one player.

9. The salary of a player does NOT change during the season, even if released and picked up by as a Free Agent (see 8) by another team

III. Position Eligibility

1. [need to put in notes for MLB positions and minor league positions]

IV. Scoring and Playoffs

1. The 14 teams will be split into 2 divisions.

2. The format for the league is Head-To-Head (H2H)

3. The teams will face-off against each other using the following statistical categories.

4. After each week a team has a W-L record based on the number of statistical categories the team won. [i.e. if a team wins 6 of the 10 categories and ties on 1, the teams record for the week is 6-3-1]

5. Active roster changes can be made daily.

6. At the end of the regular season, the division winners and 2 teams with next best record will make the playoffs. The 2 division winners will get the 1 and 2 seed; ranked by record. The 2 wild card teams will get the #3 and #4 seed, also ranked by record. The next 8 teams ranked by record will enter the loser’s playoffs. (see 9.10) If there are ties, the tie-breaker is as follows

i. Record against each other.

ii. Record against common opponents

7. The #4 seed team will play against the #1 seed. And #3 seed will match up against the #2 seed.

8. Playoffs are 2-weeks in length

9. The winners of the division series will face-off for 2 weeks for the title of Grand Champion.

10. The Loser’s Bracket will match up the 8 best teams that didn’t make the playoffs

11. [display loser’s bracket]

12. The first 2 rounds of the loser’s bracket will last 1 week each and the final round will last 2 weeks.

13. The final match in the loser’s bracket will last 2 weeks.

V. Fees and Payout Structure

1. Dues for each team is $40

2. $120 will go to the for hosting our league

3. The remaining amount ($40x14 - $120 = $440) will be paid as follows
1st Place $220
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $60
4th Place $40

4. Winner of Loser’s bracket gets $20 + first the round pick in next year’s minor league draft.

VI. Players Salaries

1. A players salary cannot change the course of a baseball season

2. Salaries continue to count against the cap even if the player is released or moved to the injured roster.

3. If a player is released and another team picks up the free agent, that team will now be the team paying the player’s salary;

4. At the end of the season, keeper players will get a raise according to their contract year. (see 12.5)

5. Minor League players do not get a salary.

6. If a minor league player is promoted to the active roster, his starting salary will be $1.

VII. Stats

1. Stats will be managed by

VIII. Trades

1. At no point can a team have more players than its 23 man active roster.

2. Trades will be submitted to the rest of the owners for a vote for fairness. The parties involved in a trade and the commissioner do not vote. The trade fails if the majority of owner vote again the trade.

3. At no point can a team exceed its in-season salary cap.

4. Minor league draft picks can be traded.

5. Money can NOT be traded.

6. Minor league players can be traded.

7. The trading deadline is XXX.

IX. Free Agents and Released players

1. Free Agents are all MLB players that are not currently on any team’s roster.

2. The cost of signing free agents during the regular season is $10. The amount goes against the in-season salary cap. (see 1.2)

3. If a team releases a player, the team is still responsible for that player’s salary for the entire season, unless another team picks up the released player

4. The Free Agent auction will be held just prior to opening day. Teams will bid on free agents similar to the initial auction until all positions in the active roster are filled.

5. Free Agent signing can occur up to 1 week prior to the start of the playoffs.

X. Injured List

1. There are 2 available positions for injured players.

2. If a player is injured and placed on the DL, the owner may opt to move the player to the injured roster.

3. The salary still goes against the in-season salary cap.

4. Once the player comes off the DL, the owner does NOT have to remove the player off the injured list.

XI. Minor Leagues

1. The minor league draft will take place during the All-Star break.

2. For the first year, the draft order will be decided by winning percentage at the all-star break, with the lowest picking first. Tie breakers will be decided by least number of wins, highest ERA, BA, and then a coin flip.

3. The initial minor league draft will be 5 rounds.

4. In subsequent years, the winner of the Loser’s bracket will have the first pick, with the rest of the teams in the loser’s bracket ranked according to winning percentage. (Lowest picking first). The 4 teams that make it into the playoffs will be ranking according on their placement; 1st Place team picks last.

5. Subsequent drafts will be 2 rounds.

6. Along with minor league players, only players who qualify as a rookie in the MLB are eligible for the Minor League Roster.

7. When a player is drafted, his salary is $1, but does not count against the team’s salary cap.

8. Players are ONLY allowed to be added to the minor league roster during the draft and thru trades. Add/drops of minor league players are NOT allowed.

9. At the start of any giving season, a team may only have 5 minor league players on its roster.

10. During a season, a team’s minor league roster is increased to 8 players. But before the next season starts, the team must trim its roster to 5.

11. A team MAY trade its minor league draft picks.

XII. Roster Protection and Contract Years

1. Just prior to the start of next years free agent auction, each team must nominate 5 players on team they wish to keep; raises will be added accordingly. (See 12.5, 12.6)

2. Minor League rosters must be adjusted. (see 11.10)

3. A team can only keep a player for a maximum of 3 years. Designated as Contract Year A, B, or C. Where A is contract year 1.

4. All players signed in the initial draft of free agent draft, will be given considered in Year A.

5. If a team decided to keep a player the following year, the contract year is increased from A->B, or B->C. A player gets an automatic raise when increasing contract years of 10% of its current salary rounded to the nearest dollar. [i.e. Bonds (Year A) is signed for $43. Owner Joe wants to keep Bonds next year; therefore Bonds get is salary raised to $43+10% (4.3 à $5) = $48 and will now in Year B]

6. Players that were signed as Free Agents during the season get automatic raises of $5 for each year kept. (Year A = $10, Year B = $15, Year C = $20)

7. Players in Year C must be released back to free agency.
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Postby ayebatter » Tue Jan 04, 2005 3:28 am

Pretty fair constitution. Not so sure about that $10 for free agents during the year - but it will keep add/drops down to a slow boil. Better have a real good draft.
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Re: new keeper league rules... need feedback.

Postby Registered_Guest » Tue Jan 04, 2005 4:06 am

My answers from personal experience.....

Looks like a good setup. Similar to the one I've been playing with at Sportsline for a few years.

koondog wrote:2. There is a $260 cap for the initial draft and $320 in-season cap.

I'd do away with the in-season cap period. Leave the $10 base salary for FA's and keeper purposes. The cap (combined with a very shallow bench) kind of leads to more inactivity that I'd like.

koondog wrote:4. The Active Roster contains 23 players. C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 4 OF, 1 DH/UTIL, 4 SP, 3 RP, 4 Bench

With a keeper league, I'd probably want a few more on the bench. If you want that to lessen the # of Injured spots, so be it.

koondog wrote:2. The auction date is tentatively set for March 26 or March 27, 2005

Hope you've done a live one before. All of mine have been over a 2-day period. Usually takes 7-8+ hours.

koondog wrote:4. Once the player comes off the DL, the owner does NOT have to remove the player off the injured list.

Don't understand this. Could lead to abuse of the Injured spot period. Activating one day, IL'ing the next...

My 2 cents. Good luck.
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