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Small Roto League - I could use some advise please

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Small Roto League - I could use some advise please

Postby chennemann » Thu Apr 24, 2003 7:43 am

Basically this is a 2-3 team league. We are limited to 10 moves after tomorrow, so if I am going to add/drop anyone I need to do it quickly. I figured that I will get killed in stolen bases. He feels he has a stronger team, because they have done better so far this year. I feel I have the stronger team, because they have done better in the past. Any recommendations would be great. He is my best friend and I would love to win:)

Here are the settings

Batting :
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
Batting Average
On-base Percentage

Innings Pitched
Complete Games
Earned Run Average
(Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched

Here are the two best teams

C Posada, Jorge (C-NYY)
1B Helton, Todd (1B-Col)
2B Kent, Jeff (2B-Hou) (he isn't doing very well is there a better second baseman other than Soriano?)
3B Rolen, Scott (3B-StL)
SS Rodriguez, Alex (SS-Tex)
OF Sosa, Sammy (RF-ChC)
OF Guerrero, Vladimir (RF-Mon)
OF Ordonez, Magglio (RF-CWS)
Util Bagwell, Jeff (1B-Hou)
Util Ramirez, Manny (LF, DH-Bos)

SP Schilling, Curt (SP-Ari)
SP Martinez, Pedro (SP-Bos)
SP Clement, Matt (SP-ChC)
RP Smoltz, John (RP-Atl)
RP Gagne, Eric (RP-LA)
RP Wagner, Billy (RP-Hou)
P Morris, Matt (SP-StL)
P Lowe, Derek (SP-Bos)
P Foulke, Keith (RP-Oak)
Bench Zito, Barry (SP-Oak)
Bench Oswalt, Roy (SP-Hou)
Bench Colon, Bartolo (SP-CWS)
Bench Hudson, Tim (SP-Oak)
Bench Halladay, Roy (SP-Tor)
Bench Williamson, Scott (RP-Cin)
DL Johnson, RandyDL (SP-Ari)
DL Nen, RobbDL (RP-SF)
DL Rivera, MarianoDL (RP-NYY)

Other team
C Rodriguez, Ivan (C-Fla)
1B Delgado, Carlos (1B-Tor)
2B Soriano, Alfonso (2B-NYY)
3B Lowell, Mike (3B-Fla)
SS Garciaparra, Nomar (SS-Bos)
OF Bonds, Barry (LF-SF)
OF Williams, Bernie (CF-NYY)
OF Sheffield, Gary (RF-Atl)
Util Mondesi, Raul (RF-NYY)
Util Lee, Derrek (1B-Fla)

SP Pettitte, Andy (SP-NYY)
SP Schmidt, Jason (SP-SF)
RP Urbina, Ugueth (RP-Tex)
RP Guardado, Eddie (RP-Min)
RP MacDougal, Mike
P Worrell, Tim (RP-SF)
P Borowski, Joe (RP-ChC)
P Zambrano, Carlos (RP, SP-ChC)
Bench Wood, Kerry (SP-ChC)
Bench Clemens, Roger (SP-NYY)
Bench Mussina, Mike (SP-NYY)
Bench Prior, Mark (SP-ChC)
Bench Wells, David (SP-NYY)
Bench Nomo, Hideo (SP-LA)
Bench Hernandez, Runelvys (SP-KC)

Also it is unlimited starts.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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Better 2B

Postby Chris_Compton_WX » Thu Apr 24, 2003 8:21 am

If you are looking for SB's, then I would pick up jerry Hairston, Jr. of BAL, if he is available. He has already given me 7 SB's, as well as holding his own in many other offensive categories. I good choice if you are looking for a change. Hope this helps.

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Postby chennemann » Thu Apr 24, 2003 9:02 am

Thanks for the advise he is very good with stolen bases. But I am conceding stolen bases.

I don't see how I could win that category, without hurting other categories.

Anyother suggestions would be great!!

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