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Womack?...To the Yanks?

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Postby lesgrant » Wed Dec 08, 2004 5:35 pm

While Womack lets a little air out of the tires of my expectations, he’s not that bad compared to Cairo.

Womack 2004: .307/.349/.385
Womack career: .274/.319/.362

Cairo 2004: .292/.346/.417
Cairo career: .273/.322/.370

But, then there is the age factor.

I’m hoping that this deal is a set-up for a bigger deal or that the Yanks are going to use him in a utility role and go after someone else.

BTW, the NY Post reports that Womack was championed by Gene Michael, not Cashman. If anyone has earned his stripes it’s Michael.

As for Vasquez, he showed obvious mechanical problems in the second half. His arm slot and release point dropped down considerably from the first half of ’04 and ’03. Could be an injury, could be a rut. I don’t think the Yanks should give up on him.

As for the ex-Indian that Yankee fans loved to hate, coin toss anyone?

Also, the Mets do know something about post seasons given that they won a NL pennant four years ago. They just may be a little hard pressed to remember.
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Postby blankman » Wed Dec 08, 2004 8:23 pm

ajgnydc722 wrote:I'm also tired of you bashing Vazquez all day and night. He had 1/2 a bad season. Deeming him 'Jeff Weaver' after half a season, even after his pretty good first half, it just stupidity. He might turn out to be that, but give him a chance. Do not mention Vazquez's name in Jeff Weaver-esque bust until he continues to pitch as poorly as he did after the All-Star Break.

Thank you. At least someone else has a brain.
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Postby TheYanks04 » Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:41 pm

Vazquuez...4 years...44 Million.

His numbers in NY speak for themselves and you do not sign guys to multi-year, big money deals and then wait for them to perform in a couple of seasons. He got the money because he was SUPPOSED to perform. You want to coddle 44 M players, be my guest.

That coddling among other things went a long way towards losing a pennant last year. We are not in the business of coddling overpaid stars who can not perform in NY because they are head cases or go half a season with uncorrectable mechanical problems and as such we sacrifice pennants because of it. It seems to have turned out that way the past few years, but if you are arguing that Vaz should be given a break because he could pitch for Montreal in front of 3000 fans and had a hard time adjusting to NY, you are talking to the wrong Yankee fan. You sign the big buck contract you better be able to produce and if you do not you take the heat. for it. This is not Montreal and expectations are aa lot higher. What else are we to think other than the fact that this guy is a loser? Cone did not have a problem...neither did Clemens...Or Wells...or Key...or Moose... et. al. Why should this guys be considered anything else but a loser? Oh, he piotched well for Montreal...just like Kenny Rogers did for Texas and Weaver did for Detroit.

And if he repeats his mere crappy 3 months and post-season melt down in 05, he will be a 22 M liability that like Brown you will get ZIP for.
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Postby LBJackal » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:46 pm

Transmogrifier wrote:
LBJackal wrote:
Transmogrifier wrote:His defense isn't better than Cairo's at second (UZR, I think... I should look it up)

Cairo was almost last amongst starting MLB 2B's (Only Bret Boone - Mr Gold Glove :-b was worse). Womack is middle of the pack.

As for injuries - Womack does seem to be getting more of them as he gets older. Hammy, back, what's next?

Are you sure you are refering to UZR? Not ZR? ... 3-03-14_0/

Those are for 2002, not 2004. The 2004 UZR's aren't out yet I don't think, but the ZR's are usually closely correlated and Cairo was 2nd last, and Womack was slightly above average. They were both better than the AL Gold Glover Popeye Boone though, so there's some consolation to being 2nd worst in the majors.

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