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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:32 am
by dleoboyd
TheYanks04 wrote:Bonds was arguably a HOF'er anyway before he likely started to use roids. I have no problem with him being put into the HOF and given a plaque.

In fairness and true testimonial to his career though, a special exhibit should be added in a new wing of the Hall. It should include things like a set of his baseball caps over his career with the various hat sizes clearly noted. Next to that should be pictures of some of Bond's greatest HRs including his Ruth and Aaron record breakers. In addition, next to those should be some pictures of Bonds injecting roids (err vitmains) into his butt...some pictures of him popping pills (err food suppliments)... some pictures of him applying the clear, the cream (oh I forgot, flaxseed oil). Then some special photos of Bond's family and friends watching him perform his HR feats...along with some of his supplier (err trainer).

Next to this, a special area for Sosa, which should include the same sort of stuff with some exhibits on cork.

Next one for McGwire, who can not be forgotten.

All this in a special Wing of the HOF called the "Hall of the Workout Program and Food Suppliment". Cost for the building of this Hall should be done strictly through private contributions made by the Halls co-sponsers, namely the makers of Preperation-H and the movie "Spiderman".

That's funny stuff..... :-b

PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2004 2:50 am
It might cost him some votes, but i don't see him not getting in.

Canseco and Caminiti claimed 50-80% of player's took roids. These numbers might be high, but cheating is really everywhere. Look at the batters box after inning 1. The chalk is gone. Batters knowingly erase the chalk and stand outside the box (cheating). I could list a ton more.

Gaylord Perry was called a crafty white guy who did what it takes to win. Bonds is called a surly cheat. McGwire didn't get much heat from Andro. Canseco, Caminiti, Santiago, Velarde to name a few, got little bad press from roids. Giambi got some, but nothing compared to Bonds. Bonds had his cream in his locker for everyone to see. I'm not saying he didn't know what it was, but can anyone prove he knew what it was? Roids make you bigger, but where is the proof they make you better? A case with McGwire and Giambi could be made that their ops dropped, and their recovery from injuries was real slow. Perhaps roids hinder as much as they might help? No one can prove exactly how much it helped, if it indeed did help. For instance in 01, Bonds went to maple bats. More of a uppercut swing yields more hrs. His 49 hr and 73 hr years yielded his lowest g/f ratios. He hit about 2 flys for every grounder. That usually will increase hr rates.