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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2003 9:08 pm
by metsfan1969
Ok, I've held off long enough (LOL). I need to get this off my chest. I grew up watching Pete Rose. I watched as he got tons of hits. I watched as he ran into catchers. I watched as he fought with shortstops (anybody know what I'm talking about here?). He was, without a doubt the most exciting, aggressive player of his time. When you talked about the Big Red Machine you talked Pete Rose. You may have also talked Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Ken Griffey, Dave Concepcion, JOHNNY BENCH, etc..etc..etc. But you always got around to Pete Rose. But enough with the walk down memory lane.

What Pete did was despicable. What a huge disappointment to find out he wouldn't be eligible for either the HOF or any job in baseball. I think it stinks. I think he deserves to be in the HOF based on his acheivement. I also think he needs to pay the price of not being allowed into baseball ever again. The reason this is an issue is not because he was so well liked. The real issue here is one of accomplishment. Pete accomplished more in some areas of baseball than any other player. He broke records nobody thought would be broken. He embodied what baseball is all about. He was Old-School during a time of transition in baseball.

The man deserves to be in the hall even if he never sets foot on a field in an official capacity again. Heck, they don't even need to do an induction day ceremony for him. He probably doesn't even deserve that. But he deserves to have a plaque.

There, I feel better now.... :-D ... Thanks.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 3:32 pm
by DK
what people seem to forget is that although rose is banned, that does not mean he's not in the HOF.

let me try to explain:

when the HOF was built, it was originally built as the Hall of Records. The Hall of Records has a plaque (i think) for every record broken or had now. Pete Rose should have a plaque (unless he does already) in the hall of records, but he should not have one in the hall of fame. he knew the rules. if Wilton Guerrero did this, nobody would complain.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 3:44 pm
by Youppi
the all time hits leader should be in-but above his plaque there should be a big sign that says "PETE ROSE- ASSHOLE", or something more family-friendly "PETE ROSE- BET ON BASEBALL WHILE MANAGING THE REDS"

i dont really see whats so wrong with betting on your own team unless you bet on your own team to lose and throw the games. if he did that then he should be out forever but if he bet on his own team to win we shouldnt punish him. or if he bet on other teams i dont see how that is bad.