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How am I doing?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2002 6:52 am
by nkeitt
This is my current roster, do you see any gaping holes I need to fill or players I should be playing rather than benching? And can anyone explain why I am 5th in saves?

C Santiago
1B Helton
2B Alomar
3B Nevin
SS Aurilia
OF - Giles, Berkman, Salmon
Util - Damon, Burks, Glaus
Bench - Rollins, Pierre

SP's - Pedro, Garcia, Halladay, Beckett, Miller, Prior
RP's - Rivera, Urbina, Julio, Tucker, Stewart (just dropped Wickman to the DL)

My current rankings are:(out of 8 teams)

H:4th, R:3rd, HR:6th, RBI:7th, SB:1st, K:1st, AVG: 8th, OBP: tied for 6th, SLG: 7th

W:5th, L:tied for 6th, CG: tied for 4th, SHO: 8th; SV: 5th, K:2nd, HLD: tied for 2nd, ERA: 3rd

This is my first year in fantasy baseball and I am just wondering if I should expect to be stuck in the middle the rest of the season, or if it is worth trying to make some big moves.


PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2002 2:35 am
by ntremain23
Santiago is having a great season,definately a quality starter for you at C.
Helton's back injuries are a bit scary.He will hit for average the rest of the year but his power numbers will be way down.I would see if you could get a power 1B and possibly another bat or Pitcher for him since his value is always so high.
Alomar has been having a down season but i'm sure he will have a great second half and will help you out alot.
I would say bench Aurilia and plugin Rollins,BUT,watch carefully at both of their numbers,one gets hot,insert him right away.
Your starting rotations looks very solid.You've got two proven starters in Pedro and Garcia,then you got the pitcher who's having a breakout season in Halladay,then you got the young un's in Beckett and Prior.Both are just awesome! Miller doesn't really fit into your rotation,and Pierre isn't doing much on your bench,I would shop around those two and possibly trade them for a bat or RP.Rivera has been hurt but should be back to top form soon,hopefully,and will help you out alot with saves.Urbina has been magnificant except for a few blown saves,but that's not much to worry about.One thing you definately can't have is Tucker and Stewert.Both are competing for the Expos closing job and you need to get rid of one of them.Tucker should get the job soon because of Stewert blowing too many save opportunities.


PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2002 6:44 pm
by illikai
I see a few holes that you may want to try and fill through trades down the stretch. I too had Aurilia as my everyday shortstop after he returned from the injury assuming he would regain his 2001 form. He hasn't and I finally gave up on him. I sent him to the waiver wire and he still sits as a free agent, telling me I was right to dump him, nobody else wanted him either. Scott Stewart has fallen on some very hard times so I dumped him too. If I had room I would pick up Shuey from Cleveland who will be handling the save situations while Wickman is on the DL. It looks like you have some closers you could dangle as trade bait to shore up SS, while picking up another for free as a FA. I have Nevin as well and one day he rewards you for playing him with a 2/3 and a homer and the next he goes 0/4. I think he is worth being patient with given his power numbers. Good luck! %-6

PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2002 1:55 pm
by Bliz34
your lineup looks fairly solid. I do see how you are 5th in saves however. I personally don't think Urbina is going to be solid for the remainder of the season.
I also don't agree with giving up on Aurilia. Especially with Kent heating up and the acquisiton of Lofton. His RBI's may go up just by having Lofton in the lead-off spot. However, I think his numbers will be up anyway no matter who's in front of him.
If you'r elooking to improve your ineup try traidng for either Ichiro or Soriano with Helton or one of your pitchers. Then do your homework and pick up a sleeper young pitcher who can have a solid second half.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2002 3:19 pm
by nkeitt
well my lineup is about to change anyway with a trade that is going through the approval process. I get Torii Hunter, he gets Halladay and Urbina. How does this sound: Glaus to 3B, Nevin to 1B, Helton to util, alongside Burks and Damon. Outfield of Giles, Berkman, Hunter. SS platoon of Rollins and Aurilia, depending on who is hot.

Any thoughts on young pitchers I can get to replace Halladay (or O. Hernandez of the DL)?

Thanks for the advice and the input, you guys have made my first year in fantasy baseball a lot more fun!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2002 7:14 pm
by ntremain23
That trade definately looks like it will help you out alot.Your OF corps looks awesome,as well as your infield and Utility players.Your lineup sounds pretty tough.That trade will help you in the OF,but don't forget about Halladay who is having a solid season as well as Urbina,who nevermind the blown saves,is a solid closer.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2002 9:52 am
by Arlo
Most of the young pitchers will either be on somebody's lineup already or be too inconsistent to rely on (Brett Myers comes to mind). Keep an eye on guys like Jake Peavy, but for now I think Hernandez is your man.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2002 7:10 pm
by nkeitt
In another attempt to shore up my team, I've proposed a trade for Mussina, offering Salmon and Pierre. I don't really need either of them and the guy has also got Maddux and Wood, so he'd not hurting for pitching. He is almost last in all hitting categories, so I am hoping he'll bite. I figure this will give me space to pick up the occasional hot pitcher as well.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2002 4:17 pm
by Arlo
Was the offer accepted?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2002 7:45 pm
by nkeitt
I wish. This particular owner doesn't seem to be too interested in the league any more (he's been in last place for a while now) and I don't know if he is even aware I made an offer. So I am going to shop my dynamic duo around a bit more to see if I can get another upper level starting pitcher. Though actually, my pitching with Pedro, Garcia, Miller, El Duque and the young guys Beckett and Prior really isn't doing too badly at all. My only problem now is getting Rivera off the DL!

Quick question, I picked up Acevedo off waivers when Rivers went down as what looked like my best available option. Is he worth having as a closer, I don't know if he still has that job in Detroit...?