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Should I throw these owners out?

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Postby mikcou » Sun Jul 18, 2004 1:56 pm

dannahann wrote:I really don't see the issue you have here and surely don't see any grounds to terminate these guys? ESPECIALLY mid season? There have to be teams near the at/near the bottom of EVERY league EVERY season.

It's a dynasty league and they're so diffrent. That your losing owners are actively tending to their teams is a good sign. That they aren't moving their players in "hope to hit the lottery" type trades and risky moves is also GOOD IMO. Matter of fact, I'd want most bottom feeders in any dynasty league to do the same. Owners manage and participate differently and these guys could very likely be patiently building for the long term. ie building a dynasty.

ny69mets86 wrote:One of them took Bryan Bullington EIGHTH overall in our recent prospect draft. Over guys like Wright, McPherson, Kazmir, Felix Hernandez to name a few. I can't tell people HOW to manage their teams, but that bleeds incompetency.

Who knows how this will wash out? Speculating on prospects is one the most enjoyable aspects of this hobby but it's by no means EZ? Yes Bullington is ranked below the others per the "expert" opinions BUT that doesn't necessarily mean he won't have a better career than some (all?) of them. The "experts" miss many more than they hit. Another beautiful thing about this hobby is that everyone sees (even the established players) differently. I think it's a mistake to impose your belief's on player rankings to another owner. As with all the other choices, let them build their own dynasties how they see fit.

NOTE the following is all assumptive and I apologize if it's indeed offtrack: Reading between the lines, my guess is a few top teams are frustrated that they can't swindle these owners out of some of their better assets and the percieved "lack of friendliness" could simply be that they're tired of these mercenary attempts. Also, some folks are busier than others or they may simply be tiring of the "obviously superior" takes the top teams interject on their "obviously incompetent" managerial decisions? So why not boot em and just steal their assets?? JMHO but I think you might be worried about the wrong owners here.

I agree 100%
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Postby matmat » Sun Jul 18, 2004 2:53 pm

Lack of trading and waiver moves is not a sign of being anti-community! I really don't understand what it is that you want? you want people to make stupid trades just so that they can be "active?"

Why don't you post a couple of their rosters and some trades that they have been offered and rejected and we'll see . . .

It is possible that they are playing for next year or two years down the road? maybe you are the one who is being anti-community by imposing totalitarian rule, have you thought of that?
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Postby great gretzky » Sun Jul 18, 2004 3:41 pm

yea I can;t stand it when people view "activity level" by trades, free agents. currently in a similar argument in one of my leagues and it is maddening. I traded burnitz toa guy for hoffman -- but since he hasn't traded all year, the guy in first is pissed (I am second). of course, the guy couldn;t make up ground in saves, nor be caught. I was getting hoffman to protect my lead in saves, even though it wasn;t likely I would be caught.

But now their is an argument over what "Active" means. if it means making trades that don't help them, or using the wire willy nilly, then thanks, but no thanks.
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