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I'm 11th of 12 can anyone help me out?

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I'm 11th of 12 can anyone help me out?

Postby benl57 » Mon Jul 12, 2004 10:51 pm

My team is not doing very well, although I feel that I have a fairly strong (but injury plagued) team. If anyone could suggest any kind of way to help my team's standings, it would be appriciated. My team can be found at

ALL suggestions will be considered and appriciated. Thanks.
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Postby Ed4252 » Tue Jul 13, 2004 1:48 am

you need to find some way to upgrade your SP..I don't really see a number 1 starter that I would start away Magglio Ordonez..find out a way to do 2 for 1 SP trades to upgrade

find out a way to pick up Chipper Jones and trade for another closer

or keep an eye on Riske and Biddle on the FA if you can't trade for one.

PS: trade with Ball Busters

look at my post please: ... hp?t=77869
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Postby ocmusicjunkie » Tue Jul 13, 2004 4:05 am

You are damn near last. You can afford to roll the dice. That's when things get fun.

Vermont Snowballs has two good pitchers you could use, and might be able to get. Hudson is DL, which lowers his value. Oliver Perez is ranked fairly high, but isn't even close to peaking yet. Try to trade Maggs and some more of your offense for those two. He MIGHT take it. Getting two good starters is about all you can do now... and it'll be easier if one of them is DL at the time you try picking them up.
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Postby Pedantic » Tue Jul 13, 2004 4:46 am

It'll be a tough task, but I think you can at least get back into the playoff mix.

Firstly, pick up Chipper Jones and Marcus Giles. Drop some of those horrible pitchers you have, like Victor Santos. What the hell is he doing on your roster anyway? I'd try to trade some of those players you have, like Aramis Ramirez and Pujols or Casey, one of the two. Make sure to get a lot of pitching if you trade Pujols.

Do not try to trade Maggs. You will need his average, not to mention his trade value right now is not good at all, at least among public leagues. Try consolidating your outfield talent, either to better outfielders or better pitching. Once Giles returns from the DL, get rid of Castillo.

I would also pick up Pineiro and Kip Wells. You are next to last, so what could it hurt? Also, David Riske is sitting out there. I'd dump Colon and Maddux, by trade preferably, or by dropping them, if you must.

Go after pitchers who are buy-low candidates that could provide a good boost in the second half. Beckett could be a good pitcher if he can overcome his blisters, and you can probably get him on the cheap. I might go after one more reliever, but I'd focus on starting pitching. Good relievers are just too expensive in public leagues. Rich Harden is another good young pitcher on the WW.
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Postby bjm97 » Tue Jul 13, 2004 11:03 am

How can Giles, Chipper, Pineiro all be FA in a 12 team league 8-o Not to mention Kaz, Rollins, Figgins, Gerut, Floyd?

Drop Castilla and pick up Giles.
Drop Santos Benson, Lee. Pick up Chipper, Pineiro, Harden
Maybe drop Guillen for Rollins.

Please can I join this league? All of those players are taken in my 3 10 team leagues but are still avialable in your 12 team league? Dellucci is starting for one team (in 3rd place no less) but Chipper/Floyd are FA?

IF BALL BUSTERS is serious. Offer him Burrell/Wilson for bonds/vlad.
I would deal a top bat for a stud SP- Berkman for Prior (nuckin futs has the SP depth).

Would you look at my post as well- ... hp?t=77902
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