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Postby AV324 » Sat Apr 12, 2003 9:04 pm

12 team league, 5x5 head to head scoring

I have some concerns, but i'm not sure what to address first.

C - Charles Johnson
1b - Paul Konerko
2b - Ray Durham
3b - Corey Koskie
SS - Jose Valentin
OF - Jacque Jones
OF - Jim Edmonds
OF - Jay Gibbons
Util - Brad Wilkerson

Bench - Carlos Beltran
Bench - Erick Almonte
Bench - Ken Harvey
DL - Derek Jeter

SP - Curt Schilling
SP - Kevin Millwood
RP - Jose Mesa
RP - Jorge Julio
P - Juan Acevedo
P - Mike Dejean
P - Al Leiter

Bench - Ben Sheets
Bench - Jeff Suppan

thanks a lot.

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Postby jdh » Sun Apr 13, 2003 3:23 am

Charles Johnson should be a good option at catcher, but you really want to find a backup since he misses alot of games and is real injury prone. Konerko and Durham are solid, productive at 1B and 2B. Koskie is a bit weak at 3B to have as a starter. Valentin is not a great option at short either, but its temporary till Jeter is back. Your OF is shaky right now, and will improve somewhat when Beltran is back. Edmonds and Beltran are solid starters; Wilkerson and Gibbons are probably not starter calibre, even in a 12 team league. Jones is on the fence, but probably fine.

Your real issue is pitching. Beyond Millwood and Schilling, you really have no decent starters. Leiter is likely going to be shaky this year and is aging and losing it. Sheets and Suppan are definitely shaky and not people I'd start unless I was desperate for strikeouts or innings or were playing a real weak team.

You have too many closers and not enough starters IMO. Mesa is a solid closer but Dejean and Julio play for dreadful teams so may not get many chances. Acevedo will be virtually worthless when Rivera is back soon. You really need to make some trades to get at least one more quality starter. Perhaps if you package Julio with one of your outfielders, you can get a mid-range starter. Otherwise, you don't seem to have alot of players of value that you can afford to trade.

Overall though, your team looks a little weak and like you may have gotten the short end of the draft. Obviously, the injuries to Bletran and Jeter are killing you right now.

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