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looking for pitching help

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looking for pitching help

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 03, 2002 11:06 am


I'm in a 12 team 5x5 league with a twist. We added Slugging% and Losses to the categories.

My hitting is tops in the league, ranking 1st in all categories except runs and SB, both of which I rank 2nd.

My pitching is another story. currently tied for 11th in wins, 11th in Losses, 10th in both WHIP and ERA. 6th in K's. But I'm 1st in saves.

Currently sitting in 2nd overall 13.5 pts behind the leader.

my pitching staff consists of Unit (just acquired via trade), Wood, Wells, Sabbathia, Beckett, Peavy, Urbina, Wickman, Escobar, Izzy, Dotel.

I'm thinking of going after a starter. there's a team with lots of starters and is in need of some hittinghelp in hr, rbi, slug%, avg.

He's got Lowe, Mulder, Morris, Oswalt, Glavine, Padilla, Tomko.

how would you rank these starters. I'm a little leary of the talk of Morris' workload ... and Glavine Lowe not being able to continue
their out of this world pitching in the 2nd half.

He's got Ramon Santiago as starting SS. I have both AROD and Tejada. What do think Tejada can swing me in a deal?

My other option is to give up Manny who is still on my bench after coming off DL, but that would leave me depending on ALOU in the OF.

The other option is to stay put and maybe go with waiver wire for now, which have, Wolf, Person, Appier, Marquis, Duckworth, Benson

Thanks for your advice.

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Postby Bliz34 » Wed Jul 03, 2002 11:27 am

I have Tejada on my team and he's clutch. I'm in a salary cap league and he destroys Arod because of the difference in price. Anyway, Tejada should be able to get you Roy Oswalt. I personally am a huge Oswalt fan despite his slow start. He's young so he won't fade like Glavine, and personally lately I am a bit weary of Lowe holding up because the Red Sox are ready to fold any minute. I would say Padilla is a ? for durability but he may hold up nice as long as the Phillies produce for him. I am a Mulder fan but he just doesn't look like he has the pop he had last year. That is totally a personal preference issue. And I can almost guarantee you that Morris is on a slide any minute now. especially with the terrible loss of Kile. He's their workhorse but he doesn't have the strength to hold all of St. Louis. I also have problems with pitching in my league and look out for Minn's Johan Santana he might be a young ace, and Duckworth has produced now and again for me depending on who he faces. He helps with K's. I need help as well with pitching so you don't have to listen. Hope it helps..
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Postby Arlo » Wed Jul 03, 2002 1:52 pm

Good advice from bliz34 (even if he predicts the Red Sox' demise ;-) ). While i don't know your other of options, I'd probably also shop Tejada before Ramirez, and Oswalt is a good target to aim for.

Don't pay too high a price for a starter, though - the addition of the Unit will already gain you a lot of points, and your waiver wire options aren't too shabby, especially if Benson is back at full strength.
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Postby tallmike » Thu Jul 04, 2002 10:15 am

Echo both Arlo and bliz34 here. Don't overdo the trades. If you traded offence to get the Unit and you trade more offence you may be robbing Peter to pay Paul here. How big is your saves lead? Maybe a lesser offensive player and a closer like escobar who has some risk may be a better choice.

I like Mulder to come back in the second half and he's likely to cost you less.

Tejada is a nice player - need to get one heck of an arm back.

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Postby Guest » Fri Jul 05, 2002 11:45 am

Looks like the other team was thinking the same way ... trading his pitching for my hitting.

he is offering: Morris and Padilla for Sheffield and Bagwell.

If I make the trade. I will have to pick up FA 1B until Nevin returns. options now are Tino Martinez, Travis Lee, Mienkiewitz.

My backup for Sheff will be Alou.

I'm thinking I dont need to add 2 starters, but one would help ... What would you suggest? Should I counter offer?

BTW I'm now tied for 2nd.
my current roster is:

C Scott Hatteberg
1B Bagwell
2B Soriano
3B Zeile
OF Ramirez
OF Erstad
OF Sheff
Util Tejada
bench ALOU
bench Josh Phelps
bench Javy Lopez
DL Nevin

SP Unit
SP Wells
SP Wood
SP Sabathia
SP Duckworth
RP Urbina
RP Wickman
RP Escobar
RP Izzy
DL Joe Mays
DL Beckett

His roster:
C Inge
1B Aubrey Huff
2B Durham
3B Hillenbrand
SS Ramon Sanitago
OF Luis Gonzalez
OF Torii Hunter
OF Encarnacion
util Cameron
bench Lieberthal
bench Drew
bench Gibbons

SP Lowe
SP Mulder
SP Morris
SP Oswalt
SP Glavine
SP Tomko
SP Padilla
RP Percival
RP Nunez
RP Guardado

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my team

Postby crazya_2001 » Sat Jul 06, 2002 9:03 am




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Postby Arlo » Mon Jul 08, 2002 4:09 pm

How about offering Phelps, and seeing whether you can pick up a solid starter that way? Consider adding Alou if it helps, since you'll need to free a roster spot anyway. You probably won't want to carry three catchers anyway, and this could be a true sell-high trade.

Not sure if crazya's post has anything to do with the question, but congrats on being in 1st! :-)
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