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Postby KULCAT » Thu Jun 24, 2004 8:54 am

wkelly91 wrote:
Madison wrote:
LBJackal wrote:
Madison wrote:If society was on an upswing, then I might agree that legalizing pot would be ok because most people would recognize the danger and stay away. The way society is now, we are begging for trouble by legalizing it.

Is this the same person that said it's fat people's fault for eating too much? That the decisions they make are up to them? It's the same thing IMO: you're fostering an abuse of some sort - theoretically. Obviously you can't make over-eating fast food a crime, but it's the same idea; let stupid people make up their own minds.

Ahhhhh but the difference here is that what the potheads do, affects everyone else. Fat neighbors, or fat people driving doesn't scare me in the least. A heavy pothead (part brain dead already) or currently stoned living beside me, or behind the wheel of a car affects myself and everyone around them. There is a difference. ;-)

People who abuse themselves effect all society. A drunk driving, a pothead driving, a cigarette smoker, or an obese person...but not driving. When people get overly obese, can't work, get type 2 diabetes, have heart problems, and have to sit at home on disability or welfare, who pays for that? The Tax payer.

I do think if drugs were legalized you would see a spike in use, a drop in crime, and the government could redirect monies being spent on the "War on drugs" to rehabilitation and treatment. In time people would become educated and drug use would decrease.

What I wouldn't like to see is it become legal, politicians tax the crap out of it like cigarettes, and we are back in the same position. High prices, high crime, and now instead of druglords being in south america, they will be in Washington DC. :-t

This works in Holland
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Postby Cornbread Maxwell » Thu Jun 24, 2004 10:04 am

Let me shock some of you here.

There are so many untruths being told in this thread its disapointing to me.

First of all - brace yourself here - there are more people who smoke marijuana in the US than there are people who smoke cigarettes. Im not going to go looking for the study, but trust me - this was shown in a study done within the last 10 yrs. Even if the results aer inflated, the point remains - the number of people who use marijuana in the States is incredibly high.

Second - Marijuana isnt physically addictive, but it is very addictive in an emotional sense. To say cigarettes is more addictive than pot is both right and wrong - physically, yes, but addictive as a whole? no.

Third - excessive smoking of pot is extremely bad for the smoker's brain cells - however, the majority of people who smoke marijuana do not approach that excessive amount that makes them stupid. I am willing to guarantee you guys know a whole lot of people who smoke pot and you would never be able to tell.

Let me get a little personal - I smoke pot - about once or twice a week. No one who knows me has ever accused me of being stupid, brain-dead, or slow. In fact, the vast majority of people who know me would never guess I smoke. I dont smoke and drive and I wouldnt dream of going into work high. I see no difference between what I do and the guy who occasionally has a couple drinks in the evening.

I guess, the point is there are a lot of steriotypes and generalizations about people who smoke marijuana, when the truth is those qualities describe a very small percentage of marijuana users.

Legalization of this drug will not cause a spike in stupidity and it will not cause a decline of our moral fabric. In fact, Im willing to say it will have a greater positive impact on our society as a whole than the current war on drugs.

And yes, legalizing something that is in the black market will cause its price to lower. As it stands, people are paying a premium for it because its illegal.
Cornbread Maxwell
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Postby Absolutely Adequate » Thu Jun 24, 2004 1:17 pm

It feels weird argreeing with you, cornbread, but you're right.

One added side effect to legalizing drugs? We cut off money to terrorists at the source.
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Postby CrazyPooja90 » Thu Jun 24, 2004 2:29 pm

Nice job summarizing this up Cornbread.
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Postby Nomar4prez » Thu Jun 24, 2004 5:13 pm

So if you legalize it, whats the age limit? Is it prohibited in restuarants? in the street?

Another thing, is that we need research what marijuana does to the body. There have been experiments done, but its never fully been researched. There have been reports that if used for a long time, it can be linked to all sorts of ailments. None of these are proven though, b/c research is not being done. I know cigarettes and alcohol eventually kill you if you use them long enough, but I think people should be aware of the risks involved with marijuana.
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Postby stomperrob » Thu Jun 24, 2004 11:40 pm

In the current Canadian federal election, one of the national parties is the Marijuana Party. They've never won any seats in parliament but they keep trying!
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