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Midseason Nomar ranking

PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2004 11:39 pm
by Chuckles
At what round should I nab Nomar? When is the right time, ie not too early? Draft's in 5 min, but I'll be flipping back and forth. Thanks all!

PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2004 11:43 pm
by Yogi
how many teams are in the league?
Are there any categories that would give one type of a player better than another?

PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2004 11:53 pm
by Chuckles
11 teams. it's a 5*5.

PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2004 1:20 am
by Sr BBaLLa 05
its a steal if you can nab nomar in rounds 4-5.... a lot of people drop him a spot on the midseason rankings because of michael youngs eligibility, even though i believe hes a better player 8-o

PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2004 1:26 am
by Tavish
I start looking at him in the late second / early third, if he falls much after that I would be very surprised.

PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2004 2:09 am
by Melo255
Actually I picked him up about a week ago with the 2nd to last pick in the fourth (4) round of a 12 team league but I think I have Yahoo rankings to thank for that since I imagine people didn't even see his name. Also since, I think, no Yahoo Mid-Season league starts scoring before June 21st guys like Prior and Nomar should be completely healed and back to their stud ways before scoring starts.