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So many problem area- HELP !

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2004 11:41 am
by BatBoy
so far so good - i am second place in a 10 team h2h league. many of my players have played well, but in many cases, i don't expect this to continue. i will end up middle of the pack or lower if i do not make some changes.

I am looking to cash in on some hot starts (dunn, castilla, crawford, clemens, and maybe hoffman).

any advice on where my upgrade priorities should be? where am the weakest? thanks !

my team:

Pos Batters
 C A. Pierzynski  (SF - C)
 1B T. Helton  (Col - 1B) 
 2B M. Loretta  (SD - 2B)
 3B V. Castilla  (Col - 3B)
 SS J. Lugo  (TB - 3B,SS)
 OF G. Sheffield  (NYY - RF)
 OF A. Jones  (Atl - CF)
 OF C. Crawford  (TB - LF) 
 Util L. Berkman  (Hou - LF)
 BN Ã. Cintron  (Ari - 3B,SS)
 BN J. Edmonds (STL - CF) 
 BN S. Podsednick(Mil - CF)Â
 DL P. Wilson DL (Col - CF) 

  Pos Pitchers
 SP R. Clemens  (Hou - SP) 
 SP K. Millwood  (Phi - SP)
 SP B. Sheets  (Mil - SP) 
 RP T. Hoffman  (SD - RP)
 RP J. Borowski  (ChC - RP)
 P W. Miller  (Hou - SP)
 P T. Wakefield  (Bos - SP)
 BN W. Williams  (StL - SP)
 DL B. Wagner  (Phi - RP)Â


PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2004 12:40 pm
by Red Sox Fan
I think your pitching is very good and I wouldn't worry about Hoffman. He has shown no signs of arm troubles and SD is going to finish better than last year.
Your biggest weakness is shortstop. I would try to pick up a SS who can steal bases (Frucal, his value should be low now). You could also use some OF help check the WW their may be someone out their. You also mentioned Dunn as one of the players you were looking to trade but did not list him on your roster. He has already started to fade so if you have him dump him.

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2004 7:23 pm
by Rubidium
I agree with everything Sox fan said except for your weakness in outfield. I think you're very well off in the OF, especially when Wilson returns. IMO you should try to deal Edmonds or Podsednik for a good SS, if possible. Otherwise, it looks pretty solid.