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Should I dump this league?

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Postby scorched03 » Tue May 11, 2004 12:41 pm

how abt my story yahoo 5x5

commish gets 1st pick, i know its random but thats odd.
his boss gets 2nd pick

originally had 9 ppl so one guy picked twice. 4th and 10th.
after awhile he changed switched teams.

some idiot dropped orlando cabrera, vernon wells, bobby abreu
vernon wells was picked up by the guy that switched to 4th team.
bobby abreu was picked up by the commish
cabrera was picked up again by 4th team.
too bad my waiver position was really low at this time....
can't believe commish didn't do anything to prevent ppl picking up studs!

i feel like i'm the only one dealing around in the league. so these trades proposed by me all
got rejected by the commish.
tex for preston wilson
cabrera, burrel for manny
milton bradley for kent.
granted i know these are bad trades, but i offered these as a basis for him offering back, but he accepted! tex for wilson shouldn't have been vetoed though at the very least

last week trade allowed
juan uribe for lance berkman

commish had 3 chances to veto it cuz he picked up players within the trade timespan, yet did

do you guys think thats fair? my team is solid, but i mean i can't compete with guys
that have top picks and can pickup studs off the waiver wire. or a fair commish would forbid ppl to pickup abreu, wells, cabrera cuz they are top 5 at their respective position
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Postby Tarkus » Tue May 11, 2004 12:49 pm

Mordraken wrote:
Transmogrifier wrote:I second Madison's thoughts. The only thing that bugs me is dropping Renteria.

Also agree. Hope you put in a waiver request on renteria...

I did, but I'm not that high on the list.

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