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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 2:53 pm
by hooligan1
Yahoo 10 team roto league. Scoring stats are: R-2B-HR-RBI-SB-E-K-AVG-OBP for hitters and W-L-S-HLD-K-ERA-WHIP for hurlers.

We have a unique set-up. We actually have three separate leagues running concurrently, with different owners and all players available in all leagues. At year's end, the top 2 in the middle league go up, the bottom 2 in the middle slide down. The bottom 2 in the top league go to the middle league and the top 2 from the single-A league move up to the middle league.

I won the middle league last year, and it was my first year ever doing fantasy baseball, or even paying attention to baseball in real life. The top league is all my friends who have been doing this for anywhere from 4-7 years, so I am now a little fish in a big pond.

We just had our live draft yesterday afternoon and here are my results, with the fourth pick overall and in all subsequent rounds:

1Vlad 2Piazza 3Chavez 4Chipper 5Halladay 6Durham 7Renteria 8Schmidt 9Konerko 10Garcia 11Olerud 12M Williams 13V Wells 14J Jimenez 15Ra Ortiz 16Erstad 17Marte 18Lawrence 19Bradford 20Duckworth

C Piazza
1B Konerko
2B Durham
3B Chavez
SS Renteria
OF Vlad
OF Chipper
OF Wells
UT Olerud
B Erstad

SP Halladay
SP Schmidt
SP Garcia
SP Ortiz
SP Lawrence
SP Duckworth

RP Williams
RP Jimenez
RP Marte (holds)
RP Bradford (holds)

How did I do? Did I overdraft anyone horribly? Do I have good balance? I may not win, but I don't think I'll get relegated to a lower league, either.....

The draft went as well as I could have hoped, except for getting Clement, Torii Hunter and Jeter snaked out from under me. the rest of my roster is as I had hoped. Bagwell went about two rounds earlier than I wanted to take him, in the 3rd by an Astros freak and Sweeney went about two rounds higher than I wanted him as well, in the 4th. I'll take Konerko in the 9th anyday, though......

I accomplished most of what I wanted. Avoided injury-prone guys, one year wonders and aging former super-stars. Avoided high-K hitters. Filled the thin positions with top-5 talent at C/2B/SS/3B. Got a good combo of speed/power/average/on-base for my hitters and was able to obtain pretty decent strikeout pitchers for my starters and kind of overlooked guys at closer that I didn't have to draft super high and will still probably net me around 40 saves each.

I am pleased....Let me know what you guys think.

p.s. Sorry for getting so long-winded..... :) Thanks!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 3:05 pm
by drunkenmonkey
Overall, a pretty good team that should land you in the upper half. Your offense is loaded, but in a roto scoring format, I would look for another top pitcher in a trade. I've found that head to head leagues are easier to overlook pitching, because there are usually no maximum innings and you can tailor your team each week to your opponent. But a roto league should be a little more balanced between pitching and offense so you can score tops in all categories all year. Maybe downgrade one offensive position and package an average pitcher for a top pitcher. That would make your team really strong.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 4:31 pm
by Andy1234
I agree you did well, and you should finish in the upper half of the league. I like Vlad at #4 overall (I would draft him first), Piazza in Round #2 I think was too high, but he is the best Catcher. Your offense is good and has no big holes, you pitching is full of good second tier guys. You are one top pitcher away from competeing for the top spot in the league. You Have a Good team.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2003 1:19 pm
by hooligan1
Anybody else.....I really value any and all opinions!