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Why Won't Anybody Provide An Opinion!!!!!?

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Why Won't Anybody Provide An Opinion!!!!!?

Postby Help Me » Fri Mar 21, 2003 4:40 pm

I'm in a Yahoo 5x5 league with 10 teams. What do you think?...

Varitek C
Lee, D. 1B
Alomar, R. 2B
Hernandez, J. SS
Glaus 3B
Abreu OF
Beltran OF
Sheffield OF
Johnson SP
Wolf SP
Nomo SP
Lackey SP
Moss SP
Benitez RP
Jimenez RP
Palmiero Utility
Olerud Utility
Ibanez Outfield
Nixon Bench
Help Me

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Postby Absolutely Adequate » Fri Mar 21, 2003 5:13 pm

I think that you're in trouble. A player by player rundown.
Varitek C -Solid if unspectacular.
Lee, D. 1B -Avg but only if he can repeat the steals from last year
Alomar, R. 2B - Fine. No longer a top option, but he's bound to do better than last year
Hernandez, J. SS - Solid, but not great. We'll see, though. Coors could dramatically help him. He has probs with the breaking ball and Coors limits the effect of the breaking ball, so he could be a steal.
Glaus 3B - Solid. Aside from Pujols and Chavez, the top 3b option.
Abreu OF - Nice. Especially if he can get some power back.
Beltran OF - I've got problems with him. He's going to be traded this year. His home away splits are awful. A solid 3rd round pick, but I suspect you chose him before that.
Sheffield OF - Nice. He's one of the few players that I believe will do better in a contract year. He's a jerk, but he can hit.
Johnson SP - Nothing to say.
Wolf SP - Nice #2.
Nomo SP - He'll help you in Ks, though he is getting a little long in the tooth.
Lackey SP - Could be good, could sophmore slump.
Moss SP - His K/BB ratio scares the hell out of me.
Benitez RP - His value depends on whether the Mets can score some runs this year.
Jimenez RP - Okay, but a pitcher from Coors
Palmiero Utility - Nice. He's always a steal.
Olerud Utility - Not bad. He's never going to flirt w/.400 again, but a nice backup.
Ibanez Outfield - Something about him screams fluke to me, but his multi-position eligablity makes up for that risk.
Nixon Bench - He's bulked up and has lost bat speed. I'd avoid him like the plague.

Overall, not bad. I'd try to get a little more pitching depth, see if you can't find another closer. Your infield needs work, but I could see this team finishing 4th out of 10 or so.

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Absolutely Adequate
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Postby Fool42 » Sat Mar 22, 2003 11:17 pm

I agree with Absolutely Adequate. The team is decent but could use some tweaking. I would definetly get rid Jimenez no matter how good you think he may be. Remember that coors field is the only reason that some guys will put up good offensive #'s this year. That kinda makes Rockies pitcher's a scary thing to have on your team. Try to see if you can get someting in trade though before you drop the guy.

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Postby drunkenmonkey » Sun Mar 23, 2003 12:56 am

Agree with above. Your infield might be decent in a 12 team league, but with ten, you should have gotten some top starters (besides Glaus). Outfield is your strong point. Pitching is decent, but would have expected another top pick or two with an infield that looks like you held off filling it for several rounds. I'm guessing you didn't pick an infielder until about your fifth pick (hopefully you didn't take Glaus before that). I looked at my last draft and you have nine picks from my first ten rounds, but it was a twelve-team league (and Nomo and Lee went too early).

However, all that being said, you can make some improvements. With Palmeiro and Olerud, I would ditch Lee for a pitcher if you can get one for him(maybe a package deal with one of your current pitchers). Also, you could trade one of your OF for a strong infielder, and plug in Nixon. Ibanez is a great guy on the bench, because he can fill in for a lot of positions. With another good pitcher and an improvement in your infield, you could have a pretty decent team.

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