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Give up on Contreras????

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Postby KULCAT » Wed May 05, 2004 3:58 pm

Erboes wrote:You New York dudes are almost bad as those from Boston.

Maybe I'm just not used to New Yorkers lack of patience, but the guy has had 12 starts total in his career and you guys are ready to tar and feather him. I do not understand this.

The facts are that he walks a batter ever 2.33 innings, not one an inning.

The facts are that 12 starts are not enough to go on, but of those he's had good ones against Toronto and Chicago, which are good hitting teams. The only other good hitting team he faced was Boston and, I'll give it to you, he's stunk against.

You are obviously one big Yankee fan and that is great, but I am not so I don't really care about the types of things you do. I care only about his numbers. You are speaking not with logic but emotion, and are obviously distraught that your $200 million team is stinking up the joint early on and was spanked by the Sox and I can understand that. I just don't give a damn about that crap. This is a fantasy baseball site and I think most of us would like to keep it that way.

Personally i will hold on too Contreras but this "youre getting emotional vs my all mighty facts" act is ludicrous. If Contreras has pitched few innings is cause he couldnt even beat Jeff Weaver for that rotation spot last year. At 32 this guys has to get good FAST. He´s stuff wont get any better than it is right now. He is at the best shape he will ever be. So preaching patience(and of course in the most condescending of ways, it just wouldnt be you otherwise) like is the ONLY logical thing to do and PRETEND the guys you are arguing with havent presented any facts is pretty naive. Not a yankee fan and i couldnt care less what they do with their money.
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Postby Leiter Fan » Wed May 05, 2004 5:03 pm

Yikes wrote:I read the Yankees article and it sounds like Posada and Torre has faith in Contreras' stuff and believe the problem is mental. If they are still willing to give Contreras another shot, I'm willing to as well ;-D

That makes no sense. The only reason that they are giving him another shot is because they have no other options (whereas in fantasy baseball, you should have a waiver wire with a few better options). Contreras makes too much to ever think about trading him, and they have no one else to put in the rotation - they saw to that when they gutted the last good pitcher out of their farm system for Aaron "Bucky Dent" Boone. One hell of a price to pay for one clutch post-season homerun!! The Yankees are paying for it now.

And why aren't we hearing the Contreras lovers defend his surrender of 6 earned run in 2 innings against the A's, who have one of the weaker offenses in the AL. Who is left on the list of teams that you can safely start this loser against, especially since it will be 2 more years before the Yanks face the Reds again in interleague play?
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