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Please help out a newbie...rate team and a few questions

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Please help out a newbie...rate team and a few questions

Postby joeyjoejoe » Thu Mar 20, 2003 11:33 am

I need some help...I know NOTHING about baseball. I'm just filling in an empty space in a league for a buddy....but I still want to be competitive. I HATE losing!
So I did my draft last night H2H league (14 team league, I picked 14th).
Batters scored on H/AB R H HR RBI SB OPS
Pitchers scored on IP W SV K HLD ERA WHIP
C Pierzynski, A.J. (C-Min)
1B Lee, Derrek (1B-Fla)
2B Walker, Todd (2B-Bos)
3B Randa, Joe (3B, DH-KC)
SS Garciaparra, Nomar (SS-Bos)
LF Catalanotto, Frank (LF, 2B, 1B-Tor)
CF Abreu, Bobby (RF, CF-Phi)
RF Suzuki, Ichiro (RF-Sea)
OF Cameron, Mike (CF-Sea)
CI McGriff, Fred (1B-LA)
MI Thurston, Joe (2B-LA)
Bench Bautista, Danny (RF-Ari)
Bench Patterson, Corey (CF-ChC)
Bench Larson, Brandon (LF-Cin)
Bench Karros, Eric (1B-ChC)

SP Mulder, Mark (SP-Oak)
SP Wood, Kerry (SP-ChC)
SP Glavine, Tom (SP-NYM)
RP Williams, Mike (RP-Pit)
RP Kim, Byung-Hyun (RP-Ari)
P Hampton, Mike (SP-Atl)
P Lopez, Rodrigo (SP, RP-Bal)
P Lackey, John (SP-Ana)
Bench Zambrano, Carlos (RP, SP-ChC)
Bench Eaton, Adam (SP-SD)
Bench Worrell, Tim (RP-SF)

First of'd I do?
Second...who sucks/should I drop...and who for?

Lofton also became available and I assume I should pick him up (i'm #1 on waiver priority) Who should I drop for him? Kerros.

Also...pick up Rondell and drop Catalanotto?

Plus apparently I have issues at 3rd base...should I drop Bautista for Blalock?
(These are all things that were recommended to me but I want t ask you guys, the experts)

Here's some of the top ranked leftovers available on waivers...
White, Rondell
Lofton, Kenny (CF-Pit)
Owens, Eric (LF, RF, CF-Ana)
Trammell, Bubba (RF, LF-SD)
Glanville, Doug (CF-Tex)
Blalock, Hank (3B-Tex)
Matthews Jr., Gary (RF, CF, LF-Bal)
Grudzielanek, Mark (2B-ChC)
Young, Kevin (1B-Pit)
White, Rondell (LF-NYY)
Relaford, Desi (SS, 3B, LF-KC)
Wilson, Craig (RF, 1B-Pit)
Harris, Willie (2B-CWS)
Hatteberg, Scott (1B, DH-Oak)

Rusch, Glendon (SP-Mil)
Rogers, Kenny (SP-Min)
Eischen, Joey (RP-Mon)
Shuey, Paul (RP-LA)
Reed, Steve (RP-Col)
Guthrie, Mark (RP-ChC)
Wright, Dan (SP-CWS)
Veres, Dave (RP-ChC)
Carrara, Giovanni (RP-LA)
Weathers, Dave (RP-NYM)
Thomson, John (SP-Tex)
Hernandez, Livan (SP-SF)

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Postby philcore » Thu Mar 20, 2003 1:14 pm

your team isn't very good. you need a lot of help.

you have 3 guys i would hold on to. abreu, ichiro, nomar
every one else is tradable.

your pitchers are decent but risks. again, just hold onto mulder, wood, williams. everyone else is getting old, on bad teams, coming off horrible years, or switching roles(byung yung kim).

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Postby rotisseriking » Thu Mar 20, 2003 3:28 pm

Overall I think you did OK for 14 teams. First off I would drop Thurston in a heartbeat. Maybe one of these guys is available: Mark Ellis, Bellhorn, Cabrera? If not I'd move Catalanotto to MI and pick up Lofton in the OF. I'd drop Karros for Blalock or Teixiera. I might also drop Larson and grab a rookie OF with potential - maybe Phelps?
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Postby joeyjoejoe » Thu Mar 20, 2003 4:00 pm

Thanks! All the guys you mentioned are taken. And for some reason Teixeria and Phelps arent available in Yahoo.
We must start one of each position plus 1 OF, 1 CI and 1 MI
so I cant move Catalanotto to the infield b/c it only leaves me with Larson for LF.

My plan is to drop Kerros for Lofton
Bautista for Blaylock
And drop Larson for Rondell White.

Sound like decent moves?
I appreciate the help!
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