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PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2004 7:07 pm
by NY Yankees Fan 2004
I don't understand why everyone loves them this year so much, they're not a whole lot better than last year, they gained Schilling, but Pedro isn't the same...they need him to recover badly if they want any shot at the WS.

Becaue Most people want to see a Cubs and Red Sox WS!
Of course they will say that!

Anyways, Should be a great series!

GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2004 7:17 pm
by BabyBoomer
Pedro > Mussina - Pedro will turn it together
Schilling > Vasquez
Lowe < Brown - Tempting. If brown stays healthy and age plays no factor
Wakefield > Contreras

All around I like Boston starters better than the Bommers starters. Lieber might take some time to get in the groove.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2004 7:25 pm
by NY Yankees Fan 2004
Completly disagree.

Mussina < Pedro (that I will give you, but not by far, Pedro seems lke he is losing it)

Vazquez> Schilling (Vazquez if very underatted coming from the Expos, where he lost plenty of games due to lack of run support.

Brown> Lowe

Contreras> Wakefield

The Yankees also have a better Bullpen

Rivera> Foulke

To me the Yankees have better pitching. Although, no one will take what I am saying seriously because I am a Yankees Fan.

Re: Sox Yankees at it again

PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2004 9:55 pm
matmat wrote:Give me a break. pedro is hurt, schilling is prone to giving up gopher balls and now he is in an AL park so is going to be 8/9 ths of the pitcher that he was...

mussina has also struggled, but his stuff looked good,

Schilling 02 1.00 hr/9
03 .09 hr/9

Those are very good hr numbers. He pitched in a bandbox the Bob. Fenway depresses hrs and runs by quite a bit compared to the Bob. With the added run support, Schilling could actually be better then he was.

Bob 123 run index
107 hr index

Fenway 102 run index
86 run index

From what i have seen of Mussina, he hasn't looked too good.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2004 10:53 pm
by Melo255
Yankees fan I would almost respect what you have to say until you state that Vazquez is better than Schilling. That's just dumb.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 6:39 am
by mikcou
matmat wrote:
redsox588 wrote:Brown will break down...Mussina is inconsistent....Lieber hasnt pitched in over a year and is coming back form surgery....Vazquez looked great but its one start...Contreras has great stuff but is effective, and your all talking about how off Pedro is he didnt pitch that poorly against the Orioles, dominated the Jays, and struggled against the Orioles yesterday, He'll be back one bad start doesn't mean you'll be terrible the rest of the year, if that was the case Mussina would be in AAA right now

you're seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Pedro is topping out at 87 and his off-speed is at around 80. that is not a big enough difference to fool batters. His stuff just simply doesn't look as good as it used to. the curve isn't snapping as much and the fastball doesn't have the pop. face it -- he will not pitch the whole season -- he might pull off what he did a couple of years ago, which is take an extended vacation during the season and come back for the playoffs... at least I think he did that a few years back...

Pedro isnt topping out at 87 he usually throws 87-89 and tops out at 92. If his off speed stuff isnt as good as it used to be its still pretty nasty