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yeah it's early... but how are you doing this far?

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yeah it's early... but how are you doing this far?

Postby sinicalypse » Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:03 pm

well yeah it's way too early to say that your current position is a lock... but how are you doing?

i've got three leagues, all standard 5x5 yahoo roto.

- priv8 league w/friends (as of yesterday, 11/12)

this team has decent offensive #s (.272/12/45) but the other teams are doing good, plus my era and whip are high (3.86/1.30 or something) so it's killed me. this team has a good offense which, going into the year, i thought would be far better than my other two publeague autodraft teams, which are similar to each other)


c- posada
1b - frank thomas
2b - jose vidro (i rue the day i picked him over mgiles)
ss - renteria
3b - texeira
OF - sosa
OF - carlos lee
OF - alex sanchez
util - pat burrell
bench - morgan ensberg, edgar martinez

SP - prior (ack!), oswalt, zambrano, pavano, garland, redding
RP - rivera, kolb, julio, chacon

publeague #1 - 1/12

this team, quite frankily, has been far better than i excpected and is awesome. i dont want to brag, so i wont, but i am really blown away by how good of a start its off to. i mean, right now i'm straight 12s across the board on offense, which surprises me... my steals are basically all podsednik and giles, throw in a fluke konerko steal... but as of today, i nearly crapped myself, DAVE ROBERTS WAS ON THE FREE AGENT LIST... i mean yeah he isnt much of a hitter, but hes a great base swiper)

c - posada
1b - konerko
2b - mgiles
ss - jose valentin
3b - burroughs (i rode crede up until today, but with the impressive power/RBI #s i'm going for burrough's average, runs scored, and SB potenital)
OF - vlad
OF - sammy
OF - barry
util - podsednik (i-pod)
bench - ensberg
bench - DAVE ROBERTS (he's capitalized cuz like, man, i got him and his 7 steals off of waivers today, thats so not right)

SP - beckett, oswalt, santana, zambrano, pavano, garland
RP - rivera, kolb, graves, leskanic

publeague team #2 - 1/12

this team has a lesser offense than the other publeague team, but like, its got enough offense and pitching to stay atop. i'll really be in good shape if/when my starters start winning games in masses.

c - posada
1b - konerko
2b - mgiles
ss - khalil greene
3b - eric chavez
OF - vlad
OF - sammy
OF - dave roberts
util - jermaine dye (who was on the FA list 3 days ago, is that not ridiculous?)
bench - ensberg
bench - burrell

SP - beckett, santana, zambrano, garland, pavano
RP - rivera, isringhausen, mantei, julio

i think my publeague teams are going to be warriors down the stretch. publeague team #1 has been blessed from the getgo, team #2 is scrappier.

so there you have it. how are y'all doing?
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Postby stomperrob » Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:09 pm

I'm in four H2H leagues - 2 teams in 1st place, 1 team in second place, 1 team in 6th place (but only 1.5 games back) - I'm happy!
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Postby Shakes » Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:16 pm

im in 3 leagues

1 2nd place.
1 1st place (completing domating 20 points ahead of everyone else in Roto)
1 gonna be drafted this friday with others from the cafe
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Postby ATPoole » Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:22 pm

H2H - Keeper league, 2nd year for me, 4th year for the league.

Thought I had a great team - needless to say, I'm in dead last.

C - V. Martinez
1B - D. Lee
2B - A. Soriano
3B - A. Ramirez
SS - Reteria
DH - A-Rod
RF - J.D. Drew
LF - M. Ramirez
RF - A. Kearns
Bench 1 - J. Burnitz
Bench 2 - J. Edmonds

SP - J. Santana, G. Maddux, M. Prior, J. Contreras, R. Harden, J. Garland
RP - O. Dotel

We can start 3 SP's a week. Maddux has been killing me and I have yet to get a win using Santana, Maddux, Contreras and Garland in weeks 1 & 2. And I just dropped Burnitz yesterday to grab Urbina in case Dotel continues to struggle.

But I like to think of my team as a Mack Truck - slow to get going but once it does, it'll be tough to stop... and ever see a Mack Truck hit the nitrous button? That's what my team will be like when Prior comes back!

At least, that's my hope :-o
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Postby Rubidium » Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:34 pm

2nd in my 10 team H2H, but 6th, 8th, and 9th in my 12 team rotos. :-t I don't care though, it's still early and I'm not worried yet.
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Postby DK » Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:36 pm

Horribly. :D

12th in the AD, 9th in Cafe' Challenge, 9th in work league, and 9th in 16-team keeper.
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Postby Quaker » Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:47 pm

In my money 10 team points league I'm 5th, but I have so many guys who have yet to get it going (Arod, Giles, Wells) and good pitchers that I'm confident I'll win- yes even this early.
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Postby AcidRock23 » Thu Apr 15, 2004 9:18 pm

one league, 10 teams, H2H, 9th...I had ok stats last week but the guy I was playing took off over the weekend. I am a bit more optimistic this week. I can't really say why though, as I don't want to CURSE ANYONE WHO'S PLAYING TONIGHT!!!!

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D. Young, Donnelly
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Postby KPucks » Thu Apr 15, 2004 9:46 pm

I am currently in 2nd in my auction dynasty, 2nd in my h2h, and 3rd in my roto.
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Postby beltrans_boy » Thu Apr 15, 2004 10:26 pm

I'm in 10-team H2H 8x7 league...I'm fairly satisfied with my team so far, and I don't think they've even STARTED to hit stride.

1B - M. Teixeira
2B - B. Boone
SS - E. Renteria
3B - S. Rolen
C - C. Wilson
OF - C. Beltran
OF - J. Pierre
OF - M. Ordonez
Bench - B. Giles
Bench - P. Nevin
Bench - S. Green
DL - T. Hunter
DL - M. LeCroy

SP - P. Martinez
SP - J. Beckett
SP - C. Zambrano
SP - A. Eaton
SP - J. Peavy
SP - B. Myers
SP - J. Contreras
SP - E. Milton
RP - O. Dotel
RP - D. Kolb

I'm a little worried about Pedro and Dotel, but considering what I got them for, I can deal with a little early season struggles. Boone, Giles, Green and Pierre are all waiting to hit their stride. Once Shawn Green gets 1B eligibility, I'm gonna have to see if I can do something about Teixiera or Nevin...

But yeah, I'm pretty satisfied...
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