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yahoo NA-players eligible/ineligible roster ???

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yahoo NA-players eligible/ineligible roster ???

Postby sinicalypse » Sat May 21, 2016 10:50 pm

hey guys idk if this thread technically belongs in draft trade keeper waivers or whatever, so i reckon it's a baseball leftovers type question. it's a pretty general thing not involving specific players so i think this is the right place so HEREWEGO!

i'm in a 20-team 30-man-roster 12-keeper 15x15 H2H league that i proudly call my "flagship" league. this is my 6th year in it, and when i joined in 2011 the league was transitioning from 4 keepers (heading into 2011) to 16 keepers (heading into 2012) so in that 2011 draft i was eschewing "win now" type players and drafting guys like bumgarner and kimbrel and an out-for-most-of-the-year-strasburg (recovering from TJ) alongside others like jeremy hellickson who i figured might have future upside that outweighed their value in/for the 2011 season. in that 2011 drat i told them "if you're dumb enough to give me 16 keepers i'm going to spend 3 entire seasons only trying to collect assets to build a juggernaught that starting in year 4 will flip a switch and rain hellfire on you guys for years to come" --- and yeah since "flipping that switch" in the 2014 draft i've rattled off back to back championships and this year i've casually strolled out to a 1st/20 ranking managing 20+/week with the exception of one 14-14-2 week. and yeah, if you are sitting here like "wtf does this have to do with your ?" you can just imagine how much my league loves me as i was "that guy" who personally responded to any and all criticism of his 3yr-re/build plan throughout those first 3-4 years.

ANYWAYS..... when the playoffs come around circa the 2nd-3rd week of sept our commissioner locks down the rosters so nobody can go to the waiver wire and add anybody new. so if you, say,decide that 4IP 6ER @BOS is the death knell for jerad eickhoff and cut him in favor of tyler duffey a day or two b4 the roster lockdown, then you get to enjoy watching eickhoff rattle off a series of 7IP 0-2ER 7-10K performances throughout the playoffs (including two 7IP 0/1ER 1BB 10K +W performances in the championship-final week alone) --- conversely, if you have anyone NA/DL-stashed you ARE able to cut people from your team and activate your NA/DL guys.

so my question is the following: does yahoo invalidate a week/matchup's stats if your roster is technically "invalid" come sunday-night/monday-morn at 12:00am pacific time when yahoo moves from one day/week to the next? i know for sure that you can't add new players cuz "invalid rosters", and i know your stats still accrue in roto (the only "penalty" is that you can't add any new players via any means until you deal with the roster-size issue) but in H2H does it declare your stats invalid and therefore a veritable-forfeit to the other team? i don't think it does because technically it's not like you're shutting active players in and out of NA and having an extra player accrue stats for you, it's just that technically you have exclusive access to 1/+ more players without having to go to the waiver wire, and while that can be seen as some sort of an advantage (especially in roster-lockdown mode) still it's not technically helping you add anything directly outside of giving yourself another option or two, especially in a situation where you can't add anyone. HELL, unless the commish has to go and drop players for you during roster lockdown and decides that you gamed the sysrtem so no drops for you, shoot, you'd almost be stupid to NOT take advantage of this technicality unless yahoo actually says "NOPE! NO WEEKLY H2H STATS FOR YOU AND YOUR INVALID ROSTER" --- yeap i'll take "rationalization" for $500, alex.

c'est la vie. as always, sorry that i'm a wordy mofo and i wish all of y'all good luck and better skill throughout your 2016 fantasy seasons


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