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is anyone else sick of seeing and hearing nothing but BONDS?

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Postby Apollo » Tue Apr 13, 2004 4:02 pm

I want to see the at-bat where Bonds hits 700, I want to see the at-bat where Bonds passes Ruth, and I want to see the at-bat where Bonds passes Aaron. Until then, I don't want to see his face.

30 years from now, we won't be telling our kids about when Bonds hit number 660. We might be talking about when he passed Aaron, but nobody's going to remember when he moved into third on the all-time list.

There's lots of exciting stuff going on in sports. The fast start by the Tigers, the NHL playoffs, the NBA playoff race, the upcoming NFL draft. I don't want to hear about Bonds for 1/3 of an hour-long show.
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Postby wrveres » Tue Apr 13, 2004 6:27 pm

Nomar4prez wrote:And people think Bonds is selfish......

ROFLMAO ;-D good one ...

Cornbread Maxwell wrote:To me, it seems like this story dominates 90% of ESPNs coverage.

Vs the Red Sox and Yankees Bull S**T that ESPN shoves down our throught, its actually a welcome change ..
Don't worry everybody, I know its a shock to find out there are actually other teams out there West of the Mississippi, but I am sure ESPN will be back to its normal East Coast bias soon ..

hey ya don't like it, ....
Change the channel.
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Postby jayman » Tue Apr 13, 2004 11:14 pm

I'm not going to read all the previous posts but to answer your question: yes, I am sick of Bonds.

I will stop being sick of him when he pees in a cup.
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Postby AcidRock23 » Wed Apr 14, 2004 12:32 am

I'm pretty tired of watching Giants and Padres...when there are NL central games on that I'd rather catch. I have to presume that that was the intent of the original post.

I am back and forth on Barry. I think he's an intriguing player but I am not going to condemn him if there's no evidence. It is certainly NOT his fault that no one in baseball, neither the players NOR the owners, has the balls to put a stop to the problem of performance altering drugs, both legal and illegal.

If Bonds was dumb enough to listen to the sort of guys bringing 'supplements' to his house and take them, he certainly deserves the same sort of censure that Pete Rose incurred but, without a thorough investigation, there's not going to be any evidence and the players' union appear to be in the way of that.

If Barry were REALLY cool, he would take on the unioni, get tested and give a big middle finger to everybody accusing him of taking steroids. The fact that he doesn't DOES make me a bit suspicious...
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Postby KULCAT » Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:35 am

I agree with most things you have to say. Regardless of the steroids questions they guy is passing Mays as number 3 on the all time homer list. This is not passing Ernie Banks as the all time cub homer leader. How many times are we gonna see this? Maybe never again. Maybe it is a bit too dramatic but its a joy to be in a generation that sees something like this
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Postby guest » Wed Apr 14, 2004 4:29 am

the funny thing here is that this bonds shite is just a microcosm of our society as a whole... everything in america is hyped, overhyped and sensationalized to ridiculous poportions... everything is supersized, extra, grande, extreme or maxed, why should sports coverage be any different?

bonds, bonds, bonds all the time shouldn't come as any surprise to any of us... and even more, it shouldn't piss any of us off, we should know by now that if anyone does anything remotely noteworthy it is blown up beyond the norm and we are all saturated in it until we're ready to grab the tube and throw it out the window...

why? because most of the people that decide what we watch and who we watch on television know or think they know that's how we want it and are they really all that wrong?... we are a society that is ruled by the outrageous... just look at what programming gets the highest ratings... most of those shows are nothing but one car wreck after another... people eating pig eyes, news "pundits" screaming at their guests, cartoon characters telling their elders to @#$% off, how many hours of continuous coverage did the invasion of iraq or the 911 catastrophes garner? and we all ate it up... granted those latter two examples are far more serious and worthwhile than someone eating a cows brain, but the fact remains that it all glues us to the tube... we're afraid to turn away, cause who knows what we'll miss...

hence the bonds, bonds, bonds all the time...

just the fact that we're all in here right now bitching about it reinforces the fact in these peoples minds that they DO know what we want to see... if we talk about it like this, then it must be worthwhile... we might not like it, but we watch it don't we?

that is why it's on all the time... and it'll only get worse as he gets closer to ruth and aaron... and the funnel lips that these commentators seem to put on for every game will only get more and more sickening to listen to... but hey, that's their job isn't it... they just think they're giving us what we want... and until a whole bunch of us start showing that we don't care one way or another, that's how it'll stay... so turn it off and go play with your kids or have a conversation with the missus... we'll hear about it one way or another... we always do, don't we?

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Postby HOOTIE » Thu Apr 15, 2004 12:50 am

Sounds like a bunch of Bonds haters to me. If it was Pujols or Arod, i doubt it would draw a thread. If you are tired of watching bb history, go watch Friends. This isn't nothing to the 98 season of Sosa and Mac in your house every night.
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