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Complex $200 Minors/Keeper league rare opening

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Complex $200 Minors/Keeper league rare opening

Postby jdouble777 » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:41 pm

At the bottom of my post I will add the constitution that explains everything in great detail and is quite lengthy.

Basically, we have 25 minors available and when they hit 50IP 130ABs they become HG/keeper forever with no cost until they are cut and then can never be HG again. Should someone pass this threshold and become a late breakout they cannot become HG, likewise, if they are cut they cannot be HG again and in both cases these players will forever be in the draft. Alex Gordon is a good example of how this can play out, Cueto's injury issues resulted in him being but and he is now one of the many gems in our draft each year. You CAN however trade HGs and they will retain their status, we had a blockbuster last offseason that saw Trout change hands.

I'm sure you can imagine how absolutely hectic and crazy the winter months are in this league. This league is not for people that just like baseball, active is a profound understatement on what is required to excel in this league. We added two new guys in the past two years that have done a sensational job making brilliant trades and minors additions that have left them primed for contention this upcoming season, one of which contended this year and the other tossed the season to make his him stacked after one year rebuild.

We have 14 teams, commish group of myself and three other owners, one of which holds all the funds...not me (Todd holds all money until payouts, which he does promptly every season). All dues are collected prior to March 1st. We would like someone to take over our vacated team as soon as humanly possible as the off-season is right now in full swing and I would like to the new owner to have every shot at getting into the money. Without much further adieu, here is your new team should you chose to accept it...

Montero C HG
Fielder 1B HG
Kinsler 2B HG
Andrus SS HG
Medica 1B HG
Smoak 1B HG
Ramirez, Alexi SS HG
Carp 1B HG
Granderson OF HG
Grichuk OF HG
Heisey OF HG
Lough OF HG
Stubbs OF HG
BJ Upton OF HG
Tejada SS HG
Gracia, Leury OF HG

Jordan Zimmerman SP HG
Jeremy Hellickson SP HG
Wade Miley SP HG
Joe Wieland SP HG
Samuel Deduno SP HG
Dolittle RP HG
Machi RP HG
Detwiler RP HG

Caratini C/3B CHC
Denney C BOS
Katoh 2B NYY
Davidson, Matt 3B CHW
Herrera SS COL
Kozma SS STL
Almonte OF SEA
Engel OF CHW
Fuentes OF SD
Scavuzzo OF LAD

Anderson, Chris SP LAD
Bostick SP/RP TEX
Feliz, Michael SP HOU
Nolin RP TOR
Stripling SP LAD
Windle SP LAD
Bailey, Andrew RP NYY
Jeffress, Jeremy RP MIL
Siegrist RP STL


"RotoBall -- The Prospector" is a keeper league with the emphasis on the best of both worlds; rewarding team owners that discover or trade for young talented players with being able to keep those players that you "homegrow", combined with a normal draft.
Entering the League as a New Team Owner:
New owner(s) will choose 25 minor league prospects. No assumed draft picks from the June draft (players currently in high school or college) during the season may be picked up. We have a seperate draft for that. You may also either take over an existing team with keepers already on it, or start a new one from scratch. This is definitely NOT a league for those who want to jump in for a year and try to get lucky with just a good draft. This league is for builders - those who think of themselves as good finders of young talent to build and keep.
How does this league work?

1) Identifying, Homegrowing and then Keeping your young players that become major league eligible while on your team (They reach either 130 AB's or 50 IP's.). For example, Harper and Trout reached their 130 AB threshold in 2012, so the teams that finished the season with them on their team got to "homegrow" them as permanent keepers.

2) We still have a pretty cool draft every year so that everyone still has a shot at all players not kept.
What is the definition of a "homegrown" keeper?
First, think of your minor league system as your farm club to keep replenishing your team as needed. A "homegrown" player is a free keeper when a player who has never reached the major league rookie eligibility of 130 AB's or 50 IP's in a single major league season, AND you have that or those players on your team when the season ends. If you should ever drop a player you have homegrown as a free keeper, that player is automatically designated as a "veteran", which = a major league eligible player (eg. Mike Trout was automatically given 'homegrown' status after the 2012 season, as that was his first year of accruing 130 AB's in a single season. That will make him a homegrown keeper on draft day, 2013. If he then gets dropped after draft day (in march of 2013) or after, he then would carry the status of "veteran" and cannot be kept or designated as a homegrown anymore).
Who is a minor leaguer?
Also, best way to tell who qualifies as a minor-leaguer is to use the barometer that we use for pretty much everything in this league - and that's 130 AB's for hitters, 50 IP for pitchers. If any of your players have never reached that milestone in one-single-season, then they have minor league eligibility. Conversely, if they have, in fact, reached or exceeded either of those milestones in one single major league season, they automatically and manditorily have their homegrown keeper status kick in starting after the season in which they accrued those stats.

Minor Leaguer to Homegrown (HG)

Example: Lance Lynn
Minor Leaguer: Before he gets called up to the mlb.

Home Grown: After he gets called up to the mlb and reaches 50 IP in the same mlb season. It happened in 2012. If he had only reached 40 IP in 2012, he would still be classified as a minor leaguer. He only becomes an HG at that point of the season when he reaches that 50 IP in the same mlb season. He did in 2012 so he is now designated as Home Grown (HG).


MINOR LEAGUER -- This means a player who has NEVER EVEN ONCE reached 50 IP or 130 AB's in a single mlb season. This means he can legally be placed on your minor league roster, regardless of whether or not he is on the major league team or in the minors. When the season starts, he also may also occupy a reserve spot, or an active spot as long as he is in the majors when you place him o your active.
HOMEGROWN (HG) -- This is a player who HAS reached 50 IP or 130 AB's in a single mlb season prior to the current season, and was kept by a team owner since the end of that season. EXAMPLE: Cameron Maybin did this in his 2009 season. He is still a HG for the "Whoopin' Stick' team since that team had him on his team before draft day of 2010, and has not dropped him. If he had been dropped, his status would be VETERAN (see below) and not ever to be held as a keeper by any team again.
VETERAN -- A non-keeper for the reasons above, and the fact that they reached their keeper criteria for this league long ago and never qualified to be kept. EXAMPLE: Matt Cain and Phil Hughes share little in common at this point. Nonetheless, they are both very much VETERAN status players who can never be kept.
Where do I send my league fee's? Make your check payable to Todd Zimmerman in the amount of $210. My address will be posted.
What specifically are the league fee's for? $200 is for league entry fee and your part of the "pot" for the winnings, and $10 toward the securing of our league page
What is the breakdown of the winnings? 1st = 50% 2nd = 30% 3rd = 15% 4th = 5%
What are the roster limits? While your homegrown keepers are unlimited, you do reach critical mass at some point where you have to make decisions. Your roster limits are 25 active players. Your homegrown keepers go toward your max of 25, and your minors max is 25.
What about bench players? You draft these guys in the draft. Your bench will be of 10 additional players and the bench or DL cannot be used to secure extra keeper spots prior to the draft. The DL may only be used for players who are actually on the mlb DL

Disabled List? You may only place a player on the DL if you had him on your team prior to him being placed on the MLB DL. An owner MAY NOT pick up free agent players currently on the DL, and then place them on their DL on their roster. They can pick up those injured players, but they must occupy an active or reserve spot.
Are there any other limits? Yes. Each team has a total of 1,650 innigs to get out of their entire pitching staff - that's about 7-8 SP's getting 200 IP and 2-3 RP's that get about 50 IP each.
Can I use a middle reliever for my RP? Yes.
Can I use an RP in an SP slot, just because they qualify based on last years criteria? No. Only starting pitchers may occupy an "SP" slot on your roster. A starting pitcher is defined as a pitcher who is currently in a mlb team rotation.
What can I expect from the commissioner(s)? In short, we will support you every step of the way -- from getting accustomed to this league, to answering questions prompty (usually within minutes or hours). Questions are encouraged.
Bryce Harper in 2012 hit the cut off number of 130 ab's this year. Did this automatically put him into homegrown status during the year, or was he still a minor leaguer through the rest of the 2012 season? Yes. He was still able to be used as a minor leaguer and placed on the minor league bench during that first season where he is accruing his 130+ AB’s. And of course, he can be used at any time in the active lineup too. He was then an (HG) 'homegrown' keeper for whomever had him on draft day for that upcoming season (2013).
If I add a minor-leaguer half way through the season and they don't make the 130 ab's or 50 IP this year, and end the year on my roster, can I make them a 'homegrown' guy or do they have to start and end on my roster? As long as they hit the criteria of 130 ab's or 50 IP, they homegrow automatically. If they homegrow during the season, they can still be moveable for that homegrown year back and forth from your active, reserve or minors sections as needed -- but can never be relegated to a minor league spot after their homegrown season elapses.
How does trading for or dropping a HG keeper work? If I trade for a homegrown guy, his status as home grown transfers to me, but if a homegrown is dropped he becomes just a normal mlb player (or “veteran”) that can never be picked up as a keeper by anyone else. For example, if I acquire David Wright, a HG on someone else’s team, his keeper status transfers and follows him wherever and whenever he gets traded. As soon as he is dropped, however, that’s when the music stops, and his keeper HG status is forever gone.

What about international players? International players may be acquired through free agent pick ups as long as they are currently playing "professional" baseball in their respective country.
Think of it this way for homegrowns -- If they dont hit the 130 AB's or 50 IP's in a single major league season, AND you have that or those players on your team when the season ends, they become the homegrown guys for the next year. You should be looking at your roster of minors and look for guys to make the club or get called up this year, or look for guys to be on your roster at the end of the year to be home growns for the following year. Suggest looking through stats -- scout -- and see some better minor leaguers that a couple guys you have and form a strategy to trade, etc. Also, the current home growns you have (or inherit when getting started), should help you be competitive that first season, when you consider the draft too.
What about if a guy who has 200 at bats, but spends the first half of the year in AAA, can he be designated to the minors roster? For that player -- for example, let’s use Wade Miley -- who exceeded his 50 IP threshold in 2012 for the first time ever in a single mlb season, the owner of Miley can shuffle him back and forth from their minors bench to their active roster millions of times... until draft day 2013. At that point, draft day, Miley loses his ability to ever be placed in a minor league slot ever again - unless he is in real life sent down to the minors. Then, you may put him on your minors bench until he returns to the mlb.

How should I expect the commissioners to deal with an objection to a trade? Our system of review, discuss and decide within a 24-48 hour time period is in play should any team owner(s) feel that a trade were lopsided.
The bottom line here is, the commissioners will support you all the way.
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