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Inaugural 16 team, H2H points league needs a few owners

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Inaugural 16 team, H2H points league needs a few owners

Postby dennyhocking » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:31 pm

This is a brand new league, using a 16-team H2H points-based system. The commissioner has played in and ran leagues for the past 20 years. It is our alternative to roto, which most of us also play. I find the H2H leagues more fun, due to the simple luck factor. If you are Roto purist, this is probably not your thing.

Looking to start the MLB slow draft in early January, followed by the MiLB draft. Everything thing will be on Fantrax. Also, I am looking for feedback on how to make the league better, yet keep it simple. I want this to be an evolving league from year to year, if need be.

The whole point of the league is to form a simplified system, yet include a few keepers and a minor league system. We have some good owners already locked in, so if you are interested, or have suggestions, please send me an email


I have played fantasy baseball for about 25 years, half of those years running leagues, and the other half just running a team. I have always enjoyed head-to-head points leagues, but have not yet found the "perfect league" in my opinion. The reason this league was formed was to enjoy the day to day action of a points league, yet involve minor leaguers, and other unique strategies.

If you don't like the luck factor in a H2H points league, and are a roto purist, this league is not for you. However, if you do enjoy setting daily lineups, and the unpredictability ("luck") of H2H, then this may be just the league for you.

To be honest though, all types of fantasy baseball, roto or H2H, are primarily luck-based. I believe this system crafted with a minor league element will allow an astute owner to do well even if not having a lot of luck. Barring injuries of course.

The other main thing I wanted to accomplish was simplicity. Having carryover players and minor leaguers without the complexity of having to set and track salaries.

Since this is an inaugural league, I am very open to any and all suggestions to prove this system. I encourage all feedback to make this a better league. Right now I consider this a baseline with tweaks guaranteed to be made.

League Structure
Team names need to be a city and a name. Anything goes. Fake city is fine.

Sixteen team head-to-head points league. Four divisions, two teams in each conference.

Playoff system: two division winners from each conference based on best record. And two wild cards from each conference based on highest season point totals. The division winners are the #1 & 2 seeds respectively based on the higher point total between the two. The 3 & 4 seeds are based on the higher wildcard team season point total.

There will be three separate weeks of H2H play to establish the league champion. The final week of the season will not be used due to many regulars not playing since their MLB team is out of contention, etc.

Inter-league schedule with one extra game against division opponents.

Entry fee not set in stone, and I am open to more if league members request, but just for a baseline:
$50 entry fee for inaugural season. 1st place =$400, 2nd place = $250, 3rd place =$100, 4th place =$50.

Draft order for each season to be determined each season by the previous season finish. The 8 playoff teams with the last 8 picks based on finish, record, or total regular season points if record tied. The first 8 picks will be determined by the non-playoff teams with worst record or points in case of tie getting the top pick.

Roster size and lineup settings
This is a daily lineup setting league, therefore, diligent owners will be maximizing their roster in regards to hitter/pitcher matchups, park factors, etc. Players can be substituted each day right up until their respective MLB game begins.

Each team's MLB roster will consist of 25 players. There is no position number requirement. Starting lineups will be the following:

1 catcher
1 first baseman
1 second baseman
1 shortstop
1 third baseman
3 outfielders
1 utility player from any position

Hitters need to play 10 games at a position in the previous season, or 10 games in the current season to be eligible at a position.

Each team is allowed a maximum of 7 starts overall total by their starting pitchers per week. Therefore there will be seven slots open, but usually only a small number of them will be used each day. Any team that goes over 7 starts in a week will be penalized -100 points per start over 7.

5 relief pitchers

The league will be using Fantrax to interface and run the league, and following their classification of SPs and RPs.

Point system
Single = 1
Double = 2
Triple = 3
Home run = 4
Base on balls = 1
Hit by pitch = 1
Run scored = 2
RBI = 3
Stolen base = 2
Caught stealing = -1

Inning pitched = 6
Strikeout = 2
Earned Run = -3
Base on balls = -1
Hit allowed = -1
Inherited Baserunner Held = 1
Save = 8
Hold = 4

Free Agency
Each team will begin the season with $200 free agent dollars to be used for in-season open free agent bidding. Unused dollars will not carry over to subsequent seasons.

Any player who has played at least one MLB game is eligible to be nominated for bidding. At any time during the season, an owner nominates a player by posting a player on the Fantrax league message board along with the bid amount. Any owner with sufficient funds can bid on a player after that point. Bidding will close and the player will be awarded to the highest bidder once 24 hours has passed without a bid being placed on a player.

MLB draft and keepers
Each year an MLB draft will be held to fill the upcoming season rosters. There will be 25 selections, and the draft will be conducted via the online Fantrax draft tool, and be a slow draft. Each pick will have a 12 hour time limit to start, and if a pick goes over the time limit, the next pick is on the clock, and eligible to pick at any time. The owner who was skipped can make their pick at any time after being skipped over. The commissioner reserves the right to adjust the time allotment for picks if needed once the draft starts. The draft start date has yet to be determined, but will probably start in January.

Additionally, to be eligible for the MLB draft, a hitter must have 130 MLB at bats, and a pitcher must have 50 MLB innings pitched.

Prior to each season, each team may designate 5 MLB keepers from their previous season roster. These keepers are eligible to be kept for 4 consecutive seasons, and after that they go back into the draft pool. If a keeper is traded in-season, his 4-year keeper eligible status window carries over to his new team. For example, if a player is traded with 2 years of keeper eligibility remaining, the new owner will have 2 remaining years to keep him.

Once a player is not kept, his 4 year keeper eligibility restarts.

Minor league draft and roster
A separate minor league draft consisting of 15 rounds will be held after the MLB draft is complete. This draft will also be a slow draft with a 12 hour pick time limit. Again, the commissioner reserves the right to adjust the time limits and dates.

The inaugural season each owner will be allowed to have a minor league roster of 20 players (to allow space for trades, etc). The minor league roster slots may be increased in subsequent seasons. Minor league players can be kept indefinitely on the minor league roster until they reach 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched in the major leagues. Depending on how many minor league players are kept each season, an owners corresponding number of draft picks will be reduced from the top rounds of the minor league draft. For example, if an owner keeps 10 minor league players in a 15 round minor league draft, he will have only 5 picks in the upcoming minor league draft. Or in other words, he will only have picks in rounds 11 thru 15.

Lastly, once a minor leaguer reaches the 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched threshold at the MLB level, he is keeper eligible for 6 years, starting the subsequent season. The 6 year keeper eligibility carries over with the player to a new team if traded. However, once a player is not kept after losing his minor league status, he converts to the regular 4 year MLB keeper window.

Once the minor leaguer reaches the 130/50 threshold, they must be kept on the major league roster. Until that time they can be sent back and forth from MLB to MiLB squad.

Unlimited trading is allowed, but all trades are subject to review by a 3 person trade committee created prior to each season. If two of the trade committee members accept or reject the trade, that ruling stands. Each team involved will be allowed to state their case via writing before a trade is voted upon.

The commissioner reserves the right to intervene and disallow any trades that are blatantly outrageous or one-sided.

Just to be clear, this league has two types of keepers, MLB 4 year keepers, and minor league 6 year keepers. Depending on how many you keep of each on your MLB roster to start each season, your draft selections will be reduced from the backend picks. Everybody can keep 2 MLB players without a draft penalty. However, your 3-5 keepers result in losing your 3rd through 5th round picks. For example, if you keep 5 MLB players, you will lose your 3rd, 4th, and 5th round picks in the MLB it is a weighing game on how you value potential 3-5 keepers against potential draft picks. This works the same for the minor league draft.

The goal is to promote building a strong team from the minor leagues and up, and reward owners with strong minor league prowess, hopefully creating a group of owners who take pride and participate for many years to come.
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Re: Inaugural 16 team, H2H points league needs a few owners

Postby dennyhocking » Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:56 pm

Need 2-3 more teams to fill. MLB draft starts Jan 2.
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