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Best League site (Yahoo, ESPN, etc)?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:16 am
by Curtis Pride
I am in a keeper league that's been with CBS for 9 years. They completely screwed up our league this year. The stats weren't counting for some reason for a week, we told them about it, and they did "something" that erased every move anyone did for 3 months - and this happened with one week left in the year. They then "fixed" it, but no one really has any confidence that the stats are an accurate reflection of the season. We have no interest in paying $200 for league software that doesn't work, so we are moving on from CBS.

I haven't been in any other leagues other than free Yahoo or ESPN leagues besides my CBS league, so I have no idea the customization that they allow. Or even if there's some third site that's best.

Since baseball's over, I can't sign up for a league and check out all their buttons. Any opinions on which is best? Some of the customizations we use

1. We have an 8 man minor league system where players can be kept for $0 as long as they still have rookie eligibility
2. Players value goes up $5 a year, but $1 a year if they were acquired as minor leaguers (I just want something to note that on the roster page so during trade discussions people can decipher between a player going up $5 a year vs one going up $1 a year)
3. We have a limit on how many years a player can be kept. So I'd like a column or something to say if a person has anywhere from 0-3 years left on their contract.

CBS allows us to track all of this on the site. I'm hoping there's another site that does the same, I just don't have experience with it.

Re: Best League site (Yahoo, ESPN, etc)?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 7:06 am
by ufo
Fantrax should do what your looking for

They have just about every minor leaguer (haven't not found one yet, and I run a very deep league). And you should be able to monitor the contracts the way you want. The Commish would have to update the contracts manually though, at the beginning of each season. For my league, theres 2 columns.. one for salary cost, and the other for type of contract. I put the year the contract is ending in the second column

I started using them last year. No complaints so far..