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Complex roto/keeper/dynasty/auction league lineup for 2014

PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:29 am
by Benkei
12 team league. Complex set of rules involving short and long term contracts, salary caps, minor league rosters, etc., all of which I am going to carve out by just giving you my opening day lineup sans salary and contract information.

We all know an auction league yields lineups that are not achievable in a snake/re-draft format, but I would love input on whether my aggregate lineup projects as better than any possible aggregate snake/re-draft lineup projection (or at least one that is realistic based on current player information), which I see as the lofty goal of managing a team in one of these long terms leagues .. .

5 x 5 Categories=
W, S, ERA, K/9, WHIP

My Opening Day Lineup:

Active Hitters(*14 positions set forth below)
C - W Ramos
C - C Santana
1B - J Votto
2B - J Gyorko
3B - E Longoria
SS - J Rollins
MI - K Wong
CI - P Fielder
OF - D Brown
OF - A Craig
OF - B Hamilton
OF - A Eaton
OF - B Revere
Util - D Nava
Active Pitchers (*9 active with no rp/sp distinction but reaching a min of 1200 IP requires a balance)
P - D Salazar
P - M Tanaka
P - G Cole
P - A Cashner
P - B Parnell
P- J Veras
P - S Santos
P - M Melancon
P - N Feliz (haven't figured out how to replace him yet...)
Ike Davis
Todd Frazier
Dee Gordon
Oswaldo Arcia
Lorenzo Cain
Jesse Crain
Rookie Roster (*can be stashed here until 130 ABs or 50 IP reached)
N Syndergaard
J Taillon
R Stephenson
A Meyer
J Pederson
S Piscotty
J Schoop
H Ju Lee
J Bonifacio

** OBP is the category that probably has the biggest impact on player values in this league, so bear in mind that guys like Votto and Santana are even more valuable for that reason (Santana also because it's a 2 C league) and even some of my lower tier guys like Eaton and Nava go up in value because of their high OBP profile **

Re: Complex roto/keeper/dynasty/auction league lineup for 20

PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:03 pm
by bjmacdow
It is tough to answer your question as the league you are in and its annual auction draft after keepers in no way resembles a snake draft, also, the OBP changing the value of players is much different as well.

I think your offense is ok IF:
1. Gyorko can keep his average at or above .250
2. Longoria is at or above .280 and he stays healthy
3. BIlly Hamilton lives up to the hype

Pitching is a little weak. I don't see a real ace; but you have a lot of #2 guys. If Salazar produces the Ks, and Tanaka is not a bust, you could be ok. To early to tell with that staff. Good luck.

Help on mine: