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a msg for the cafe admins

a msg for the cafe admins

Postby sinicalypse » Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:03 pm

yeah idk who the admin of this board is, nor do i know what would be the most apropos board to post something like this (seeing as the announcements section is locked down) but i figure since this is the n00b board maybe some admins/people-with-connections pop by to try and helo ingratiate the new members to the cafe, so this seems as good as place as any to post this:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE for the love of god don't "upgrade" the board to whatever software the fantasy football cafe went to. you have no idea just how big that sigh of relief was when i came here for the first time this year/season and i saw it was the same old forum software, cuz man the football cafe went from this (a good solid easy to use forum software that wr've all been familiar with for years, as i date back to 2002 on the baseball cafe and ~2003-04 or whatever on the football cafe) and whatever "advantages" you get out of the football cafe software (more "social networking" built in, prolly easier to link up with facebook/twitter/etc.... and again it seems to be more of a lil self-contained wannabe-facebook via "social networking" stuff) pales in comparison to that board being an unsightly pain in the arse(nal supporter here! =) to use and navigate.

i can tell you with divine providence that for years the football cafe has been an intricate part of my fantasy football sunday mornings experience, with my WHIR massive posts in the who to start/bench section being a helpful resource in setting up the optimal lineups all across my fantasy football empire. however after the board software switch at first i was just "WTF?" and then a week later i forced myself to go through with adapting or dying, and it was just a nightmare because 1) there seemed to be way less traffic / responses and 2) i think i mentioned the place is unsightly.... all of what white and yello and etc ad 3) yeah it's just a pain in the arse for me to learn a whole new paradigm of using the board and then having to jump through whatever new hoops to make a post, and then you get like ~50-75% less responses by default cuz i doubt i was the only one who was like "wtf is going on here? meh screw it i can go post to twitter or something hashtag it #fantasyfootball and either some friends or some schmuck pimping his own site/service will show up with an answer" --- or even irc.

so yeah, with that reactionary spirit in mind, i wanna formally plead to you guys to keep the baseball cafe the way it is! or if you gotta upgrade software because perhaps newer software is better for day-to-day/user management, more in lockstep with this facebook/twitter/social-media era we live in, or whatever the case.... at least use a better software cuz IMO the football cafe has taken a few solid steps backwards with the jump to the new software (which happened mid-season too, so that in and of itself was jarring) and i can honestly say that i'm less prone to get all excited to run to the football cafe when i've got a lineup/trade question nowadays than i was as recently as ~6 months ago.

i love the fantasy baseball cafe.... even tho fantasy football is very likely the biggest fantasy sport of them all (cuz maybe there's something on MLBN, otherwise, have you ever heard of a fantasy baseball show? let alone special?) and it's the one i've done since the 2001 season and it's a large part of 6-8 months of any given year (what with feb/march drafting/team-getting, wheeling-n-dealing to get those autopick leagues where you want them, setting up for the long haul, etc etc) and this cafe has been a good solid part of my life since 2002. granted there isn't as much need for me to come here and ask about lineup questions or even trades, still, i sometimes enjoy coming here and just hanging out to answer people's questions en masse because i love to babble about fantasy baseball and this place gives a much-needed scratch or two to the itch to start talking about those remedial (compared to SABRmetrics anyways) 5x5 stats and the general theories that ppl use when they embark in fantasy baseball (esp roto, my one true love even tho most casual people who aren't contending tune out by august, if not even june/july) and i like to think i'm a pretty good player, as my now 13th season of fantasy baseball (i burned out mid-07 thanks to having a life/girlfriend and retired for the 08 season from fantasy sports entirely, coming back with a vengeance in 2009 where in baseball i started a run of winning 7/8 leagues b4 another mini-burnout/flameout (cuz "my guys" from 09-10 got "expensive" in terms of draft positioning and i didnt draft the best value players as much as i was gonna win or lose with "my guys" from the 7/8 dynasty) and then after a lull in 11-12 b00m, won 4 leagues last year and even managed to win my first FF league in 2012 and notched 3 more last year....

so yeah i'm on point and i'm back in a yahoo winners league and i'm really chomping at the bit to go this year (in my last publeague team i just managed to swing wilin rosario and matt garza for madison bumgarner in the one league where i didnt end up with a glut of solid young B/B+ pitching like mike minor, teheran, shelby miller, etc) --- so thank god i have carlos santana to allow wilin rosario to be a nice tradeable commodity that tends to be worth more than his draft position when people realize, example, they're going to battle with yan gomes as their starting catcher! ha) SO AHEM, yeah man, coming here today and shooting the breeze with ppl about their teams/moves is fun and something i want to do a bunch this season.... so i hope the software doesn't go the route of the football cafe and stays right here in this nice groove, or if change is imminent can you at least get something equal-to/better-than this as opposed to whatever advantages that football cafe software does?

cuz i really don't want to fall out of love with this board.... and as much as i hate to be a selfish reactionary who resists change because he wants everything to stay the same as he likes it, i figure i can't be the only one who was ???wtf??? with that sw change @ the football cafe..... so hopefully this board can hold out as the last bastion of the fantasycafe tranditional-software empire and give me a nice easy to use/navigate/look-at home for my wanton fantasy/baseball thoughts..... cuz man, entering season #13 of fantasy baseball i'm a relatively old codger who has a yahoo profile as long as these winter days are cold, and as such i'm kind of "set in my ways" which is why i'd tell anyone who invites me to join a cbs/ league to go take a long walk off of a short pier.... and i really really REALLY dont wanna have that mindset here, cuz this place is my fantasy sports home for a long time... and i don't want that to change. ever.

merci beaucoup and thanks for doing all you do to keep this place putting on along. as always, i'll be around to give people the information that they might not want to hear, but need to hear! </skipbayless> =D


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