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H2H Points League - Scoring System Thoughts?

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H2H Points League - Scoring System Thoughts?

Postby Gumby Two Step » Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:46 pm

I'm running a Yahoo H2H Points Baseball League this year for the first time. I've been playing Fantasy Baseball for about 5 years and I've always played H2H I wanted to experiment with something different this year. I play H2H Points in both Football and Hockey and they work great, but I'm having some slight issues figuring out how to work the scoring system for baseball. Here are the things I'm trying to keep in mind when deciding on how to work the scoring system.

1. New League - have a few New players so I want to keep things simple enough that nobody gets confused.

2. Balance between Hitters & Pitchers - I dont want either or to be overpowered so that you can just target one or the other and dominate the league.

3. What to do with Relief Pitchers - I've gone back and forth with how to work the roster slots whether to do 6 SP & 3 RP, or just 9 P, but I cant seem to figure out a way to adjust so that RP dont get taken advantage of. If I do 9P I feel like most people would just throw away RP and just draft nothing but SP, but if I do 6SP/3RP, I feel like people would just try to draft RP eligible SP's instead of drafting closers like theyre supposed to. Not sure if there is really a fix for this one but any thoughts would be appreciated. Currently I have RP's balanced to be amongst the best in the league in points to try to persuade people to take closers instead of RP eligible SP's, but im not sure this is the best course of action.

Here are my current Stat Categories and Point Values -


Runs = 1
Singles = 1.5
Doubles = 2.5
Triples = 3.5
Home Runs = 4.5
RBI = 1
Steals = 3
Walks = 1.5

My thoughts with batters is as follows: I wanted to stay away from Negative points with Batters, because I know there are plenty of days when multiple players will go 0 for 4 and get you nothing, so I would rather have them giving me more points than having half ot them giving me negative points every day.

I personally am a big fan of steals, and while I don’t want them to be too overpowered, I feel like they should at least be considered, and ideally I would like the best players in my league to be the guys that go out and do everything, vs guys that just hit homeruns, so my thought was if I make steals worth something that would accomplish that feat.

I didn’t want to get into all the gritty stats like Sacrifices, HBP, or Fielding Stats because of the simplicity factor…maybe down the road we could add those but for this year I’d like to keep it as simple as possible without being too boring.

I wanted to keep the points high enough so that the best players would AVG around 6 pts per game, and the guys that are just on the cusp of free agency averaging low 3’s and High 2’s. This is more for my league only because a couple players in my league are coming from my Hockey league, where these averages match up with the best players in Hockey, so that’s more of a familiarity factor than anything else, but again I’d rather have guys putting up 10-15 points on a really good day than having most days guys put up 0-2 points.

Overall I think Batters are locked in where they are, I cant seem to think of any issues that may arise with having the batting stats how they are, but any suggestions would be helpful.

Pitching is where I’m really running into issues with the scoring system. Since Batters are pretty much decided I keep finding myself tweaking Pitching point values to try to balance with Batters so that neither are overpowered.

Pitching Point Values

Innings Pitched = 1
Complete Games = 1
Shutouts = 2
Hits Allowed = -.33
Total Batters Faced = -.025
Earned Runs = -2
Walks = -1
Strikeouts = 3
Quality Starts = 6
Saves = 7
Blown Saves = -3

Overall most of the categories used were just a ploy to introduce more stats for Pitching so it wasn’t literally just strikeouts getting them points. I wanted pitching values to be about what the PITCHER did, not what his teammates did for him, and that’s why I decided to use Quality starts over Wins --- because QS is more focused on the Pitcher and not how many runs of support he receives. I used Total Batters Faced as a very miniscule stat just because it works toward showing that the more efficient the pitcher is the better his point value will be, which I feel should be the case…if the guy goes out there and cant get outs I feel like he should take a hit. Granted its not an astronomical amount of points lost per Batter but its just a small reminder that efficiency = points. Same argument for Hits allowed really…just another way to show that better pitching performances = better points. Most of the other stuff was just a way to introduce more categories while balancing Hitters & Pitchers so that I wasn’t giving an insane value for strikeouts and innings pitched.

I’ve been through a plethora of different versions of this scoring system, and I’ve seen systems like the ottoneu scoring and all that, but I was just wondering if anyone could spot anything that they think might be wonky going into the season with, or any exploits that players might be able to use to win the league, or even any just general tips for Points based baseball leagues.

I’m thinking of keeping the league small to start so probably 8 teams (we currently have 6), but if anyone sees this and thinks they may want to give it a shot just let me know and I can give you an invite.

Thanks in advance for any tips or tweaks you provided!
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Re: H2H Points League - Scoring System Thoughts?

Postby Gumby Two Step » Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:09 pm

Re-vamped the above scoring system, went a different direction with Pitchers. I'm going to treat pitchers like Defenses in Football, where they get points when they start a game and then their job is to hold off from losing those points. Heres my new scoring system. Let me hear your thoughts.


Runs: 1
Singles: 1
Doubles: 2
Triples: 3
HR: 4
RBI: 1
SB: 3
BB: 1
Errors: -1


Games Started: 13
Saves: 5
Hits: -1
Earned Runs: -1
BB: -1
K's: 1
Save Chances: 5
Quality Starts: 13
Blown Saves: -5

By using pitchers this way they can get you anywhere from negative points on a horrible start to around 35 on a great Kershaw kind of night. This way, teams with more pitchers starting arent necessarily going to win the week, but Pitchers also maintain point values that are very close to that of Batters, so there isnt really an exploit to winning the league. Any concerns or issues anyone can see with this? The only thing I've discovered so far is that if you have a pitcher that starts and gets hurt early in the game, you essentially get a free 13 points...but that would happen so few and far between that im willing to look past that.
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Re: H2H Points League - Scoring System Thoughts?

Postby jackets55 » Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:50 pm

Damn, I wish I had looked at your 2nd post before computing the impact of your projected scoring in the first post. But having now read both, the first system you proposed is far superior to the 2nd if you are interested in not having 1 side dominate the other. I play both points and roto but prefer H2H and it is difficult to set up a system in which one side doesn't dominate. However, you can't have a fun system where there aren't at least a few pitchers or few hitters that out perform the norm. While I would make a couple of adjustments to your first scheme, I would toss the 2nd one simply on the basis that no one should get points by virtue of being on the lineup sheet. It would also not help with one of your issues you commented on in your first post, RP. Only the top 5-6 RP would be worthy of a roster spot.

I would suggest going with your first idea with the following changes: 1) forget the -.025 for batters faced - it is basically irrelevant and hard to estimate

2) Give RP 3 points for a Hold.
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