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Contract style Keepers - HELP

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Contract style Keepers - HELP

Postby trunk1 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:16 pm

So we have a 10+ year run keeper/dynasty. Over the years we have weathered expansion, incorporating minor league players, multiple category and roster changes etc. The next phase I am hoping to implement is some sort of contract attachment to our current format. We currently keep 12 players each season, any mix. Most of what I have found is contracts tied to salaries typically with auction style drafts. While that all makes sense to me, it would be too much to roll out on my league in 1 year so I was hoping to present just the contract aspect and as everyone gets comfortable with that concept introduce the salary idea and potentially some sort of auction.

So, my idea is to provide each team with a contract cap each offseason (~30 years) that would effectively limit the number of players they could keep. For the first year probably keep it easy and have everyone allocate the 30 years to the 12 players they would have otherwise kept. The difference being they are committing to multiple seasons instead of just annual renewal. I am wrestling with putting a cap on how many years can be given to a single player as well as developing the process for drafting players coming off contract since we dont currently have an auction.

Does anyone else structure their league this way? What pitfalls were there and recommendations do you have? I have kicked around ideas like allowing a limited number of contract "renewals" each offseason, maybe 1 as well as some sort of restricted free agency tag that managers could slap on a player they are forced to drop back into the draft. Ultimately I want to foster trading and attrition to an extent but also provide some risk toward teams that snatch up players coming off contract with early picks. I like the idea of a bad team getting the chance to potentially pickup a stud in his prime because he was given a short contract by the previous owner, but there needs to be some risk associated with that acquisition. MLB teams put up huge dollars in free agency to acquire players like that (see Cano) with no guaranteed payoff. Any input is welcomed!
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Re: Contract style Keepers - HELP

Postby dfa » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:36 am


What my league does is the following:

5 keepers per team, though each team has a 5 year keeper, a 4 year keeper, a 3 year keeper, a 2 year keeper and a 1 year keeper. Essentially I tried to balance the following factors:
- keepers make the league more interesting
- it sucks if you have a bad team and the draft lacks star players
- every player should be draft eligible at some point during their prime
- having to decide how long you can keep a player adds an element of GMing that I think is pretty fun

- it is kind of a hassle from my perspective, but most of the owners are pretty happy with the balance that the league has obtained. The guy who has Mike Trout is pretty happy about it, but Trout will also be draft eligible when he is 26, which mimics the six years of control that major league teams actually have
- I'm not sure if the wrinkle is worth the aggravation!

Ultimately, it is a nice balance for guys who like young players and more casual observers. Typically the more dorky baseball types (of which I would include myself) overvalue young players, allowing older players to be undervalued, which appeals to less hardcore owners. Overall though I am pretty happy with it.
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