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12 Team

5x5 Roto

Hitting categories: BA, HR, R, RBI, Steals
Pitching categories: Wins, ERA, Whip, SO, Saves+Holds


Min IP 900
Max IP 1400

For offense, we will use Yahoo standard for games played.


Starting Positions: C, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 5 OF, UTL, 9 pitchers
Bench: 2. Starting positions must contain an active player at all times.
DL: The maximum allowed by Yahoo (5 or 6)

Position Eligibility: Using Yahoo standards for position eligibility.

By default, free agent pick-ups and players acquired via trade automatically receive a bench/reserve status. It is the owner's responsibility to get said player(s) into the appropriate roster positions once made available. Failure to comply may result in suspension of roster (No stats will be accumulated during this time). Multiple failures to comply may result in removal from league.


Player Pool: all players AL and NL are eligible to be purchased at auction, minor leaguers and prospects as well. Please note that a player must be in the Yahoo database at the start of the season to be drafted on your team. If you win an auction for a player (i.e., a minor league player that you assumed would be in the database), but they are not in the Yahoo data base at the start of the season, you will not have "dibs" on said player.

Cap: $260 cap.

Initial bid: $1

Bid increments: min increment of $1 no max. increment.

Process: Every owner will start a thread with a player. The initial thread will list the player, the team, the position eligibility and the bid. The bid must be $1, you cannot start at any other bid.

Please follow this example:

Matt Kemp, Dodgers, OF, $1

Bidding starts at time and date specified by the commish. So you must have your player submitted (your thread started) before that time. If you do not have your player queued up by then, I will do it for you. If you cannot queue your player in time please PM your selection to another owner.

Disputes on when players are submitted or who submitted players first (or, illegally) are easily settled using forum timestamps.

Bidding proceeds in $1 or greater increments. When there has been no new bids on a player for a 24 hour period, bidding is halted on that player and he is sold. I will then lock that thread & the nominating owner will need to nominate a new player. Please notify me in the Chat Thread if I have overlooked a player.

Owners may only bid on any player if: (a) there is enough room on the owner's roster for another player, and (b) the dollar amount of said bid, plus the owner's total paid salary, plus the sum of all active bids does not exceed $260. If either (a) or (b) are not true, the owner may not bid. In other words, you may not have many active bids on many players -- even if you do not intend to win those players -- if the bids exceed your salary limit.

End bidding:

If your roster is full (or would be full if you included active bids where you are winning) you are not allowed to nominate players for bidding. Only those owners with empty roster spots are allowed to nominate players.


This is a daily transaction yahoo league.

All Trades must be approved by the commissioner (Element). All trades will be approved unless it involves collusion or abject stupidity and will affect the league results.

Trades during the draft are allowed. Player salaries traded will count against the acquiring team draft cap.

Any roster move made must be made with the active roster positions in mind. If you trade or drop a first baseman you must be able to fill that position after your transaction is complete.

After the draft is completed, salary money loses meaning. Players may be traded without reference to dollar amount. You do not have to maintain a $260 cap throughout the season, only through the draft.

Trading Deadline: Yahoo default durnig the regular season. Trading re-opens after the regular season.

Undroppable Players: We will use the Yahoo list of undroppable players.

Waivers and free agents

There is no limit on the number adds or drops that you can make.

Free agents may be picked up at any time. All players not purchased at auction are immediately placed on waivers, if not picked up off of waivers, these players are put into the free agent pool.

All non-drafted players will receive a $10 price tag. Drafted players that are released will maintain their draft salary through the end of the regular season.

Waivers: we will use the Yahoo waiver system.

Waiver rank: Random before season.


Each team is allowed to keep between 0-7 players each year by adding $5 to the player's salary from the previous season. If Albert Pujols gets drafted for $40 in 2012 then he would be $45 in 2013.

All costs count against the upcoming $260 draft cap.

The keeper deadline is January 15th of each year unless otherwise specified by the commissioner.
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