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Mid-West Baseball League (APBA)

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Mid-West Baseball League (APBA)

Postby straymwbl » Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:06 pm

The Mid-West Baseball League is a Fantasy (APBA) (Alternative Reality) Baseball League – 28 Teams Deep, 38 man Major League rosters, 12 Man Minor League system.

On Saturday February 16th, 2013 the Mid-West Baseball League held its 16th Annual Draft Day in Detroit Michigan.
As you can see by these 2013 DRAFT RESULTS This is not you typically Fantasy League.

The 2014 Draft Day is scheduled for February 22nd, 2014 – You can see the Draft Order here:

Please take a moment to check out the Mid-West Baseball League, you can get some more information from the MWBL PDF here:

If you have any thoughts or questions, or would like more information please E-Mail me at:

The Mid-West Baseball League will be entering its 19th season of play, and is considered one of the finest, most established APBA / BBW Leagues around. Not only does the Mid-West Baseball League have unique playing rules, but we’re also deeply interested in the development of the game and minor league players. With Twenty-Eight (28) franchises (Yes that’s right Twenty-Eight) scattered throughout the United States & Canada, we have a wide range of ownership. With that wide range of ownership comes a great amount of knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to baseball which makes the MWBL shine above other fantasy (alternative reality) baseball Leagues.
How many leagues do you know that have trade registers , including individual teams trackers, so you can go back and look at all of those good trades, and all those bad ones too?
The MWBL prides itself on quality owners; we do this for a few reasons. This is not something we take lightly. Some say we’re “overly compulsive” about it. We have a great group of guys, and are always looking for a few more. If you don’t believe what you’re reading to be true, stop by the MWBL web site and see for yourself. This is absolutely one of the premier fantasy (alternative reality) baseball leagues around. Come check us out at:

How often does your fantasy baseball league take a player before he’s drafted into the Major Leagues? This happens often in the Mid-West Baseball League. 2009 Steven Strasburg was the #1 selection by the Detroit Crime in the 2009 MWBL Draft on February 21st, 2009. A full five months previous to Strasburg being selected by the Washington Nationals. Does the Draft provide any late round gems? How about Aroldis Chapman? Chapman was selected in 2009, (Pick #280) before he pitched in the World Baseball Classic, and before he defected from Cuba - a full ten months before he signed a major league contract with the Cincinnati Reds.
The Mid-West Baseball League goes beyond what a normal fantasy (alternative reality) baseball League does. You actually play the games using APBA / BBW 5.5 Game Engine, based on statistics from the previous MLB season. We play a full 162 game season, along with playoffs (Wild Card & League Championship Series) as well as a World Series & All-Star Game. We have awards from Gold Gloves, right down to MVP and Cy- Young awards.

Scouting and development does not take a back seat in the MWBL, actually quite the opposite. Each team is allotted twelve (12) minor league roster spots. These twelve minor league spots are often used to draft minor leaguers, college kids, or foreign born players. Each minor leaguers must make it to the major leagues within a three year period or you lose his rights. Sort of like a free agent system.
In between each season we hold a live draft (Second Saturday after the Super Bowl). It’s at the draft where you try to rebuild your club. Not only do you need to finish off your major and minor leaguer roster on draft day, you need to be prepared. There are not a lot of super “Gems” on Draft Day. Most decent to solid prospects are usually taken a year or two before these players are known to the public. The draft is tough, but for the serious baseball aficionados, this is like Christmas day. It’s where you get a great present, but don’t have a clue what it really is, just yet.

Fifteen years ago the Mid-West Baseball League was formed as a continuous APBA / BBW ownership league. To this day, we still have six of the original members, and nine other members have been with us for at least seven plus years. The beauty in all this is represented by the fact that there are still people who are fanatic about the game of baseball. It goes back to the great old saying “If you build it - they will come” and come they have; from as far west as California, and as due east as Massachusetts and as far south as Florida. Are you interested in the Mid-West Baseball League?


The Mid-West Baseball League -

Is always looking for quality managers, who meet the following requirements.

Do the following statements describe you?

• Passionate about the game of baseball, majors & minor leagues, living the dream of scouting and drafting players.
• Interested in both on-field strategy and front-office maneuvering.
• Knowledgeable about Major League Baseball players' worth, beyond their statistics.
• Focused on the minor leagues, with a good eye for who the next MLB stars will be.
• Capable of giving at least a five-year commitment to a fantasy baseball league.
• Willing to put in preseason and post-season work, such as preparing for the draft, making off-season trades and voting on post - season awards and rule changes.
• Possesses the time to play weekly series from Friday afternoon through Tuesday morning, as well as the time for short summary write-ups.
• Is able to attend the MWBL draft either in person or on-line on a Saturday in late January or early February each year.
• Has In-depth knowledge of Minor League Players as we draft 200+ each year.
• Has E-Mail access for sending and receiving league files.
• Owns or will purchase Baseball for Windows v5.75 ($25 Cost)
• Willing to pay the $35 Year Franchise Fees.

If that's you, then you're just the type of owner we're looking for. You could be one of us. You belong in the best present day league around, and that's what we've have.
Chances are you already know something about the MWBL by now, but in case you don't, here are a few reasons why you won't find a better simulation baseball experience:

• The BEST league website around, without a doubt. More info, more records, more stats than anywhere other league.
• Inexpensive Franchise Fees - only $35 per year. (Cover League Expenses).
• Great owners- intelligent guys who care about the game and are ready to talk trade any time, all the time.
• Twelve-man minor league roster. Build your team form the ground up, but snag those guys early- by the time he's ready to be a star, chances are someone's already got him.
• In-depth post-season awards- MVP, CY Young, Rookie of the Year, Gold Gloves, Reliever of the Year, enjoy the feeling of watching your player win one of these coveted awards.
• The MWBL All-Star game, featuring the best of the best, and rotating yearly to deserving owners.
• The Draft- the biggest day of the year. Christmas time for baseball junkies, where 28 guys from all over the country spend hours making the decisions that will (hopefully) put their team in the World Series that year or perhaps five years down the road.

So there you have it- the best league around is, naturally, looking for the best owners around. If you're one of them, don't hesitate to send in your application. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Submit an application at:
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