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Doubront for Biddle - Dynasty

PostPosted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:54 am
by Goatrider
30 team mixed, 50 man roster, Dynasty. I have an opening competition window and I always have salary cap room w/ 135M total.

His Felix Doubront: 5M/yr all the way until 2019.


My Jesse Biddle who get 5 years of salary protection if he makes the Bigs

Which one have you? And WHIR for sure with a link.

Re: Doubront for Biddle - Dynasty

PostPosted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 10:34 am
by MaudDib
In this deep of a league, I am less sure of player values and what teams needs are like to be.

Saying that, Doubront has had solid outings and is a stream starter in most regular leagues but Biddle is probably a top 30 or so prospect. I think I take the chance on the prospect here unless you are in win it now mode. Doubront doesn't have much upside but you pretty much know what you are going to get. Biddle can be better than Doubront but he could also flame out before the majors. Risky but I like upside.

Re: Doubront for Biddle - Dynasty

PostPosted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 11:00 am
by Goatrider
Thanks Dib.

I have a 3 or 4 year window starting now. Speaking of risk, if I end up having to cut Doubront - $2.5M stays against my cap for the next six years. Also risky.

If anyone else has an opinion, full details on the team are below:

30-Team Mixed Dynasty. 40-man ML Roster and 10 player Farm. Start C, 2 CI, 2 MI, 2 OF, Ult, 8 Pitchers; Daily Stream. $135M Salary cap w/ unlimited keepers depending on contracts.

Entire Roster found here:

Re: Doubront for Biddle - Dynasty

PostPosted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:59 pm
by Goatrider
Negotiations continue until my offer of:

My Biddle, Alex Colome and Cesar Puello (All 5 yrs protection)
His Alex Cobb (3 yrs, 500k in 2014 then whatever real life arbitration is the next 2)

He countered with:

His Alex Cobb and Edward Mujica 755K 2014-16. ( We count holds, 6X6)
My Biddle, Puello and Oswaldo Arcia (4 yrs protection)

I like Arcia and it leaves me a little short on OF (definitely short next yr) but Free Agency is coming up. My options are stick to my original offer or ask about Josh Hamilton who will have to go through a Restricted Free Agency period where I would match any offer given to him ( I estimate it would probably be 4yr/$60M).

Which way? Thanks for any thoughts.

Re: Doubront for Biddle - Dynasty

PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:39 pm
by Goatrider
Trade Accepted.

Alex Cobb and Josh Hamilton for Biddle, Colome, Arcia, and Puello.