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14 Team H2H DYNASTY League looking for 3 players

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14 Team H2H DYNASTY League looking for 3 players

Postby da808cards » Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:51 am

Categories R,HR,RBI,SB,OBP,SLG

Minor League rosters are also included...will email you if you are interested
Team 1

C Posey
1B Morneau
2B Scutaro
3B Sandoval
SS Everth Cabrera
OF Gomez
OF Rasmus
OF Leonys Martin
UTIL Pence
UTIL Headley
BN Belt
BN Maybin
BN Garndal
BN Gyorko

SP Hughes
SP Cain
SP Bumgarner
SP Lincecum
SP Vogelsong
SP Volquez
SP Casey Kelly
RP Street
RP Romo

Minor Leaguers
1. Francisco Lindor
2. Matt Barnes
3. Albert Almora
4. Didi Gregorious
5. Tony Cingrani

Team 2
C Doumit
1B Ackley
2B Espinosa
3B Zimmerman
SS Espinosa
OF Harper
OF Ruggiano
OF Werth
UTIL Stanton
UTIL LaRoche
BN Span
BN Yelich
BN Ramos
BN Gattis

SP Iwakuma
SP Strausburg
SP Gio Gonzalez
SP Zimmerman
RP Perkins
RP Soriano
P Storen
P Clippard
P Chisek
P Jose Fernandez
BN Haren

Minor Leaguers
1. Javier Baez
2. Cory Seager
3. Gregory Polanco
4. Dan Vogelbach
5. AJ Cole

Team 3
C Yadier Molina
1B Albert Pujols
2B Beckham
3B Freese
SS Alexi Ramirez
OF Holliday
OF Allen Craig
OF Beltran
UTIL Adam Dunn
UTIL Konerko
BN Viciedo
BN Jay
BN Oscar Tavares
BN Matt Adams
BN Kolten Wong

SP Hudson
SP Wainwright
SP CJ Wilson
SP Lynn
RP Rosenthal
RP Reed
RP Veras
BN Wacha
BN Strailly

Minor Leaguers
1. Bubba Starling
2. Jonathan Singleton
3. Kyle Gibson
4. Brian Goodwin
5. Luis Sardinas
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Re: 14 Team H2H DYNASTY League looking for 3 players

Postby sotboy6 » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:52 pm

I am interested, but would like an opportunity to look over the rules first.

It says three players, but lists two teams.

If I get one of these teams, do I have to draft Giants/Nationals only? :-D
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Re: 14 Team H2H DYNASTY League looking for 3 players

Postby da808cards » Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:54 am

Unfortunately you will not get to draft a new team but you will be able to pick up players of FA if people drop them. :( So you do not have to add only giants/nationals players. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Here is the constitution!

Section 1.1- The Team Draft Lottery/MLB Franchise Draft
• In order to determine the rosters of each team within the DYNASTY League, a random lottery will take place in order to determine who gets to choose first in the MLB FRANCHISE DRAFT.
• Once the order has been established the draft will work as a SNAKE DRAFT, and each manager in order from 1-14 will select ONE MLB franchise in which they will be able to select players off of that particular roster. This will then be repeated for a second time, however in reverse order from 14-1, and a SECOND MLB franchise will be selected by each manager for the same purpose as stated for the first selection.
• To save time, managers will send a pre-selected ranking of teams they would prefer to have chosen for them.

Section 1.2- The Selection of the 20 Man Rosters
• Following this MLB FRANCHISE DRAFT, each manager will then have to submit within 36 hours a listing of players from their two selected franchises that will contribute to their overall 20 Man roster. Managers may choose to add however many players they wish from their two “FEEDER” franchises to their roster. Players may include any players from the minor league system from the two franchises including any players not yet added to Yahoo.
•Managers have the option of keeping 5 minor league players that will be kept track of on a forum. If the manager adds the minor league player to their Yahoo roster then that player cannot be placed back on the minor league roster.
• Any players that have been traded from the two chosen franchise teams as of the time the teams are chosen are no longer eligible to be selected to the 20 player roster. Subsequently, all free agent signings and players that have been traded to your two chosen franchises are eligible to be added to the 20 players selected by the time the teams are chosen.
• Any minor league players will count toward the 20 players chosen in the FRANCHISE DRAFT. If the player has not been added to Yahoo yet, a player may be chosen from the waiver wire after the FREE AGENT DRAFT to fill this bench spot. The minor league player will be noted by the commissioner. As soon as the minor league player has been added to Yahoo the manager is obliged to add the player to their roster or drop them within 48 hours.
• Once this deadline is reached, all players that were not selected by managers to be on their 20 man rosters, as well as all players from the TWO teams not selected in the MLB FRANCHISE DRAFT will be placed into a pool that will be the focus of the FREE AGENT DRAFT. Only players added to Yahoo may be chosen for this draft.

Section 1.3- The Free Agent Draft
• As mentioned in section 1.2, all players who were not selected by managers to be on their 20 man roster will be placed and players on the TWO teams not selected via the FRANCHISE draft into a free agent pool that will be available for drafting by all fourteen (14) managers
• The draft order for the FREE AGENT DRAFT will be the opposite of the FRANCHISE DRAFT. This will also be a snake draft.
• The FREE AGENT draft will be a 5 player draft and conclude when all 14 managers have filled their entire 25 man roster.
• The waiver wire will start in a random draft order.
Mar 4 1:31am
Section 1.4- Minor League Draft/Minor League Player Rules
•The MINOR LEAGUE DRAFT will be 5 rounds and held on a forum. Managers that choose to keep minor league players from their two franchises will draft until they have 5 minor league players on their MINORS ROSTER.
•The draft order will be completely random.
•Managers can add/drop minor league players via the forum unless they are added to the major league roster then managers can add/drop them on Yahoo.
•There will be a separate waiver order for minor league players on the forum. Whenever a minor league player is dropped, they will be put on the waivers and managers must POST their claim on the FORUM regardless if the player was dropped from a manager’s major league roster. The manager with the lowest waiver number will be able to claim the minor league player.

Section 2.0- Rules for Trading of Players and Draft Picks

Section 2.1- Permissible Trading
• Trades may be made of players and draft picks for the following years free agent draft throughout the regular season until the trade deadline. A roster freeze for free agents will take place at the end of the league's playoffs until after the free agent draft the following season

Section 2.2- Trading Authority and the Vetoing of Trades
• Vetoing of trades will be conducted by the commissioner if enough emails and posts have been made to protest the trade and is deemed to be cheating

Section 3.0- League Scoring and League Format

Section 3.1- League Format
• The league itself shall be formatted as a 14 team HEAD to HEAD league as per Yahoo Fantasy baseball and shall follow all previously establish rules and regulations of Yahoo! Sports.
• The format for the league will entail a schedule of 22 Weeks of regular season play and 4 weeks of playoffs
• The playoffs will be formatted in a bracket style with the top 8 teams in the regular season qualifying for the playoffs. The first playoff round (the quarter finals) will be formatted as such: 1st Place vs. 8th Place, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th and 4th vs. 5th. Each of these matchups will last ONE WEEK.
• The winners of the FOUR (4) quarter final matchups will advance to the Semi Finals which will also be ONE WEEK long.
• Finally the winners of these two semifinal weeks will participate in the finals.
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