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offer kemp for stanton? WHIR massive up in here

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offer kemp for stanton? WHIR massive up in here

Postby sinicalypse » Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:15 am

sup kids? this is my co-flagship league, an expanded roster 20-team 15x15 (every stat) yahoo H2H league that's going from 16keepers this year to 12 keepers for next season. i've already made a big trade where i gave up trout/strasburg/belt/mcgee/burton(min)/2nd-rd-draft-pick for j-upton/kemp/adr-gonz/kershaw/yu/mike-dunn (+rd18) and then i recouped my draft pick by dumping danny espinosa for a rd1 pick plus emilio bonifacio (and the guy i traded with there is tanking, so that looks like it'll be a high 1st rd draft pick at that)

basically, after those trades i managed to effectively turn trout/belt into j-upton/kemp/adr-gonzalez on offense, which filled a brandon belt sized hole at 1b. with my spiffy new i've been watching plenty of dodgers baseball and you can see that kemp's shoulder isn't right.... couple that wiht the fact that mattingly doesn't seem to like running kemp so his 30/30 aka "I CAN DO 50/50 DUDE" days are over, adn now you're left with a guy whose yahoo o-rank is #5 yet you'd seriously take .280/28/90 from him and pray for 5-10 steals... i reckon even if he levels out this year and gives us some flashes of vintage kemp and, say, ends up like .270/27/92/7 or something, his o-rank will plummet to ~30-50 next year and ppl will stop having the expectation that he's a top 5-10 MLB hitter.

so i was eyeing stanton cuz he's only 23 and stuck on a crappy team and is at ~.162 with 0HR and 1RBI at the most, so if i can get that 23 year old slugger who already hit 37HR in a season where he had 1hr in april and missed a month of the season after that, well then it's a win win for me as we're still a few years away from his prime, and giving up on trout to facilitate a trade where i was able to use that to spin strasburg for kershaw/yu, yeah, i'd like some youth back at some point.

so i'm thinking of going all in for a run at stanton to see if this guy's an idiot.... right now i've tossed out kemp for stanton str8up, but i've yet to see if he'll bite. so basically, i wanna list my team here and ask what you'd try trading for stanton

c- jesus montero (ugh)
1b - adrian gonzalez
2b - emilio bonifacio
ss - ian desmond
3b - miguel cabrera
IF -brett lawrie
IF - brandon crawford (!!! season thus far)
OF - justin upton
OF - matt kemp
OF - dayan viciedo
util -justin ruggiero
util - nate mclouth
util -marlon byrd (these 3 have been surprisingly solid considering they were plucked out of no man's land au gratis)
DL/IF - luke scott
DL/IF - casey kotchman
NA/OF - anthony gose
NA/OF - L.J. Hoes (team mascot)

SP -clayton kershaw
SP - yu darvish
SP - madison bumgarner
SP - matt moore
SP - jeremy hellickson
SP - jose fernandez
RP - craig kimbrel
RP - steve cishek
RP - vinnie pestano
P- kelvin herrera
P - mike dunn
P - jared hughes
P - dale thayer
P - craig stammen
P - darin downs
bench/SP - brandon maurer
bench/SP - mike pelfrey
DL/SP - jeff karstens
NA/SP - erasmo ramirez
NA/SP - kyle gibson

so yeah as you can see, it'll get tricky around keepers 10-12 cuz that's where you start trying to weigh out the merits of hellickson, fernandez, viciedo, and as much as it pains me to say it if he keeps on relatively-sucking, lawrie.

but yeah, if you were to try and make a run at stanton, what would you offer? would you pick kemp to the the crux of a deal seeing as he's pushing 30 and he's got that shoulder messing him up to the point where you figure his name is the only thing keeping him in the 3-hole at present? obviously, especially after a trout trade, migcab is untouchable cuz i like having the best hitter in baseball on my team, and the way adrian gonzalez has been hitting i reckon he's almost untouchable cuz in the H2H format with every stat category (OBP, SLG, putouts, assists, etc) he's nice and valuable so even if his power drought continues in lieu of a high average and he's like .320/18/100 again, shoot, you'll take that cuz having a nice competent .300 hitter with RBIs and power is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

but yeah, with that team listed there, what would you use to try and set yourself up with arguably the #1 young power hitter going forward? am i right to assume that hellickson is the most trade-baity out of my group (cuz i plan to go to war with kershaw/yu/bumgarner/moore for years to come) and if given a choice barring a total collapse/regression/injury you'd prolly wanna keep fernandez over him?

sorry for the length of all of this, but i have thoughts. anyone who's made it this far, if i didnt answer your question to get you here drop your link and i'll get right to it. shomer shabbos, gentle people.
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Re: offer kemp for stanton? WHIR massive up in here

Postby Baseball2727 » Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:20 am

Quite honestly, if you really want Stanton, Kemp should get it done. And I think that is a bit too much. I am in a keeper league as well, and I would rather have Kemp at this pt., especially given we are 3 weeks in and Stanton's lineup around him. I would think you should get something back w/Stanton- maybe a mid-level arm.
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Re: offer kemp for stanton? WHIR massive up in here

Postby MadDog36 » Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:36 am

He has a great team for a super deep league. Maybe Stanton and a catcher upgrade.
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Re: offer kemp for stanton? WHIR massive up in here

Postby sinicalypse » Sat Apr 20, 2013 12:31 pm

thanks, mad-dog. this team is really my pride and joy, as i took over an abandoned team heading into the 2011 season when the league only had 4 keepers, so i think i ended up with something like billy butler, neil walker, cliff lee, and jered weaver.

in the draft i talked a bunch of crap about how i had a ~3 year plan to tear my team down, rebuild it, and then be a consistently dominating presence for a good ~5/+ year window. i was laughed at. while most people were drafting to win the league in 2011, i spent early picks on madison bumgarner, jeremy hellickson, craig kimbrel, and the then-injured stephen strasburg.

immediately when the season started, i spun cliff lee for brandon belt, jhoulys chacin, [some other menial pitcher i forgot] and mike minor. lamentably, i didn't have the patience to stick with mike minor from 2011 > 2012, cuz after his rough first half last year OMFG the kid has figured it out and he's a real nice pitcher now.... anyways, i dumped jhoulys chacin and some other parts for a package that included then-prospecty vance worley. then i made a move that had people crying "too much" as i traded off billy butler and jered weaver for miguel cabrera. at the time i simply said "good? bad? i'm the guy with miguel cabrera on his team" -- during the season i sold off "star" players like neil walker and drew stubbs, other useful players like juan pierre and jon jay.... and yeah, i sold off 2011-edwin-encarnacion for a few hundred bucks, but let's be honest, even in a deep league few had the werewithol to keep him.

the league operates on a waiver cash system. everyone starts with $1000, and with 4 divisions the best W/L record in the division each week gets $100, division leaders get $200 at the end of every month. my goal was to get $$$ together to get brett lawrie, who was about to come up and go gangbusters when he cracked his wrist. drat. fortunately, in the interim i managed to get $1350 together when moustakas and rizzo came up, so i jumped on moustakas.... and then because that drained cash, i was able to procure $1200 to get trout as he came up. then i managed to have another $1000+ to FINALLY get brett lawrie when he came up, and i was just ITCHING for september when matt moore would finally come up, cuz i had been waiting for him since 2011. the only problem was that the league locked down its rosters for the playoffs after the first week of september, and tampa bay waited to bring up matt moore til sept 10th, so flustered and not wanting to end the season with cash that i wasn't gonna be able to use (i had basically sold moustakas off for $1000ish to get matt moore) i got jesus montero as a consolation prize.

oh yeah, and b4 the year ended i also spun vance worley and some other stuff for a package of brandon beachy and ian desmond.... so heading into the offseason after year 1, i had acquired miguel cabrera, mike trout, brett lawrie, ian desmond, jesus montero, and brandon beachy. heading into year 2 the guy who spent $1350 on anthony rizzo didn't see fit to keep him around, so after taking jose tabata in round 1 of the draft (my guy matt moore was the #1 pick of the first round of the draft) i was like "hey wait a minute, is rizzo there?" and indeed rizzo there so i got him with the 2nd round pick.... so like, as the season started i had a pitching rotation of strasburg, bumgarner, hellickson, beachy, and umm zambrano. i had my kimbrel and somebody doing saves, and then on offense i traded some other parts to get dayan viciedo if only because ozzie guillen first saw him and nicknamed him the cuban pimp. then about 1/2way into the season with rizzo coming up (and keep in mind i'm from chicago and this league has mostly people from a chicago sports msgboard) and matt moore ~4.40/1.40, i was able to swing a trade of anthony rizzo + carlos zambrano and a round 2 pick for my guy matt moore!!! I FINALLY GOT MATT MOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! this also helped cuz brandon beachy went down with injury and needed tommy john after giving me ~80 innings of 2.00/0.80 ball..... sucks.

oh yeah, and i managed to add carlos villanueva and some japanese pitcher from seattle named iwakuma to round out my post-beachy rotation. that helped even tho my offense had serious gaping holes around the quality players, so when my pitching hit a wall in sept (no strasburg, young pitchers not used to 200/+ inning hauls wearing dowqn) yeah.... i was amazed that i went from 16th in 2011 to 4th in 2012.

and uhhh yeah, last year i didn't play too well, even tho my team was on autopilot with dominant pitching and enough offense to finish like ~6th overall heading into the playoffs, where i won a round before getting hammered by an offensive team like 24-2-4 and then managing to lose the 3rd place game to finish 4th overall. i peed away my 1st/2nd round draft picks for this draft, and i managed to miss the draft cuz i swore it was on a thursday when it was a wednesday. the one bugaboo was that i didnt keep beachy cuz i figured i'd get him back, and my dumbass autopick took johan santana 2 picks b4 beachy went by.... cuz man i'd love to have beachy on my bench right now, but c'est la vie. maybe i can trade.

so yeah, fortunately i got a bunch of solid bullpen guys and brandon crawford through the process. but still, i made that trade i said in the OP and then the bonifacio dump, and now i'm str8up offering kemp for stanton, and of course, kemp and bonifactio +rd6 for stanton/everth-cab/rd9 --- wont work, but if he counters at least he knows who i want. and then when the season started, shoot, thank god jackie bradley jr came up on the same day as jose fernandez. the guy who i ended up making that trout/strasburg trade with put out his max $$$, $930, at both bradley jr and fernandez. he wanted fernandez more, but forgot to change the waiver priority and got jackie bradley, whilst i got another asset in jose fernandez for $666. that works for me! =D

but yeah seriously 4real---if i can get stanton in place of kemp it'd be a coup, cuz basically this trade showed me that my offense is potent enough that if my pitching is on i'll be really tough to beat.... so if kemp gets it going nad is even ~75-85% of the matt kemp we know and love (prolly w/o the steals) yeah, maybe stantion isn't that good this year.... but getting stanton is more thinking of 2014, 2015, 2016, etc..... cuz giving up trout was something i didn't wanna do, but that package where i got justin upton and another very moveable piece in kemp along with a very solid 1B to complement the fact i got kershaw and yu for strasburg? yeah i doubled down.... like is aid the only crappy part is 12 keepers going into next year, but at least i've got so much quality i can just pick.

FORGIVE ME FOR THE SELF INDULENGE..... but hey i had to toss it out there. i'm proud of what i did, and like, yeah H2H leagues kind of rule and kind of suck because one bad/good week can be the life/death of you. if you're a mediocre team you can have a few players go off and win teh whole damn league. if you're the league juggernaught, you could have a bad week and lose.... so as long as i make the playoffs and dont go outlike a chump and finish top-4, shoot, what more could you want? i should have a chance to contend this year, but you always gotta plan ahead, and like, if i could end up moving kemp for stanton str8up, then trading trout and belt for justin upton, mike stanton, and adrian gonzalez is a win win win win win, right? =D


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