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30 Team Dynasty League- 1 take over owner needed

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30 Team Dynasty League- 1 take over owner needed

Postby cannoncruz » Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:55 pm

We are looking for a dedicated owner who will stick around with us for a long time. This is a first year dynasty that was built to closely mimic true MLB teams as possible. The league has completed the draft and at the conclusion the prior member respectfully stepped down since he did not realize how much research and overall work it would take to run this team from year to year.

As far as the remaining members are concerned I can say that every single one of them are very knowledgeable and respectable owners. This will be a great league for someone who is willing to put in the work to try to win. I will post as much info about the league and the team available below as I can. We look forward to finding the right owner for the Chicago White Sox, and hope you will join us. The team roster is posted at the bottom of the league charter.

If this team interests you contact either:

Commissioner: Bryan (Toronto Blue Jays)
AL Deputy Jeff-me (Texas Rangers)

I. Concept and Overview ... y&thread=1

A. This is a PAY league that will be hosted on Fantrax and is designed to give each GM the most realistic MLB franchise building experience possible through the fantasy sports environment.

1. The League fee will be $25 for at least the first two seasons. We will vote as a league to decide whether to increase the fee in future seasons.
2. The cost to run this league on Fantrax website with all premium content is $60 (8% of League Fees) per season.
3. Remaining funds will be distributed in the following manner...

a. World Series Champ - $365 (49%)
b. World Series Runner-up - $175 (23%)
c. Regular Season Division winners - $25ea. @ 6 divisions = $150 (20%)

4. League Fees and Payouts will be done exclusively through Pay-Pal. This will ensure safe and quick transfers of money

B. This is a 30 Team Franchise Dynasty league so EVERY MLB team will be represented

1. League will be split the same as MLB with six (6) division -- AL East, AL Central, AL West, NL East, NL Central, NL West
2. 10 Teams make the playoffs. (6) Division Winners and (4) Wild Cards.

a. First Round - Wild card teams square off
b. Second Round - ALDS and NLDS
c. Third Round - ALCS and NLCS
4. Final Round - World Series

3. Each Franchise will start out prior to initial draft with 4 players selected from host franchise and may protect up to 5 franchise minor league players. (Minor Leaguer = less than 150 AB or 50 INN)
4. Minimum of 5 franchise players must remain on 25 man roster at all times during season to maintain franchise integrity.
5. No Expansion is currently planned for this league

II. Real Deal Forum

A. Fantrax host site gives a lot of options to customize league settings but is a little awkward to manage so we will be using a forum on to conduct a lot of business in the league as well as manage teams in the offseason.

B. Forum web address is --

C. This forum will allow a lot more GM interaction and will be used a lot for league communication by the League Manager.

III. League Settings

A. Franchise Set-up

1. Once all 30 owners have paid league fee, all names will be entered into independent site, “”, which will randomly select a franchise selection “draft order” -- Owners wil be emailed results directly from independant site
2. Owners will select their franchise based on this “draft order” and select their four (4) franchise players (2 must be hitters and 2 must be pitchers) and up to (5) franchise minor league players

B. Rosters

1. Starting Lineup - C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, UTL (9 Active Hitters)
2. Active Pitchers - SP, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, RP, RP, RP (11 Active Pitchers)
3. Bench - BE, BE, BE, BE, BE (5 Reserves)
4. Injured Reserve - Up to (5) players that are on the MLB DL or Suspended can be designated as Injured Reserve without counting against your roster limit/salary cap
5. Minor League - Minors is reserved for prospects that have pitched less than 50 MLB INN or had less than 150 MLB AB

C. Player Contracts

1. All drafted players will automatically be signed to a three (3) year contract
2. After two (2) years, you will have a one time option to sign player to an extension - Extensions will be a maximum of five (5) years. ( 8 years total, two original plus final from original contract plus 5 year extension )
3. Players dropped to waivers during the season retain their contract for the remainder of the season. Players on waivers only reset their contract status if they are drafted the next season
4. Currently there is no cap hit for waiving players still under contract. This may change in future seasons
5. Players signed as free-agent that has not been on a roster that season, will automatically be signed to a three (3) year contract
6. Players traded will retain their current contract

D. Player Salaries

1. All Salaries in Millions
2. Franchise players selected during original franchise setup will have the following salaries

a. Higher Rated Hitter - $17
b. Lower Rated Hitter - $10
c. Higher Rated Pitcher - $13
d. Lower Rated Pitcher - $7
e. Franchise Minor Leaguers - $0.5 ($500k)

3. Initial salaries will be determined by draft position

a. 1st = $15, 2nd = $14, 3rd = $12, 4th = $11, 5th = $10
b. 6th = $10, 7th = $9, 8th = $8, 9th = $7, 10th = $6
c. 11th =$5, 12th = $5, 13th = $5, 14th = $5, 15th = $5
d. 16th = $4, 17th = $3, 18th = $2, 19th = $1, 20th = $0.5, 21st = $0.5

4. Salaries increase by 25% each year
5. Players signed from free-agency will carry a $1M salary
6. Players traded will retain salary
7. Initial Salary Cap will be $189M for at least the first two seasons. Cap may fluctuate in future seasons based on evaluation.
8. Salary Cap will cover all active players on 25 man roster and if over, roster will be illegal and you will not earn points each day you are over cap after first game of the day
9. Minor League Eligible player's salary remains at $500k until 1 full year service time is achieved. Salary jumps to $1.5 the next season until arbitration rules are added.
10. IR and Minors do not account against salary cap

E. Transactions

1. No Limit on Free-agency pick ups of veterans, prospects cannot be added as free-agents unless from host franchise - Contract/Salary rules apply as per above
2. No limit on trades other than deadline for regular season 8/31 until end of playoffs
3. Draft picks CAN be traded
4. Lineups lock daily 5 minutes before individual players game
5. Reminder that 5 players from host franchise must always remain on your 25 man roster.

F. Keepers

1. Each season you will keep up to 20 players that are still under contract
2. If you have less than 20 players under contract for the following season, you may acquire additional players or draft picks through trade during the offseason.
3. After draft, free-agency can help you fill out roster spots
4. Minor Leaguers from host franchise may be kept in addition to 20 keepers if they haven't exceeded rookie games limit.

G. Draft

1. Inaugural Draft -- After 4 franchise players & 5 minor leaguers are selected/protected there will be a 21 round draft to fill out rosters.

a. This snake WILL NOT snake
b. Draft order reverse of Franchise selection draft order

2. Subsequent season Drafts -- 5 round restock draft and WILL NOT snake
3. All drafted players automatically are signed to 3 year contract
4. Salaries for players in future drafts will be as follows...

a. 1st = $10
b. 2nd = $9
c. 3rd = $7
d. 4th = $6
e. 5th = $5

5. Draft will be done automatically through site

a. Teams will be emailed by website when on the clock
b. Teams will have 8 hours to login in and make pick
c. Picks will be auto-drafted by Fantrax if they don’t make pick within time limit. Fantrax will use players in queue or best available.
d. Commissioner reserves the right reduce time limit in effort to move the draft along

H. Scoring

1. Hitters - League set up so that hitters get the majority of scoring

a. Points earned for (+1) -- TB, BB, HBP, SB, RUNS, RBI
b. Points deducted for (-0.5) -- Ks and CS

2. Pitchers - League set up so that pitchers limit damage as opposed to the high scoring in most leagues. This is to mimic actual baseball and eliminates streaming

a. Points earned for (+0.5) -- IP and Ks
b. Points earned for (+3) -- QS, Hold, SV
c. Points earned for (+5) -- ShOut & CG, (+10) -- No Hitter
d. Points deducted for (-2) -- ER
e. Teams MUST pitch minimum of 54 innings per week. Failure to you pitch 54 INN will result in no points earned and a loss for the matchup.
f. Teams must not exceed 63 innings per week. Exceeding 63 INN will result in no points earned and a loss for the matchup.

(1) It is the owner’s responsibility to pull their pitchers to not exceed the INN limit.
(2) The system allows you to pitch more innings if you haven’t exceeded the limit prior to the last day of the matchup; HOWEVER, the Commissioners will check INN limits each week and manually assign losses for violations
(3) If both teams violate the INN limits either Min or Max, no points will be earned toward the season tiebreakers in standings and the matchup result in a 0-0 tie.

I. Prospect Rules

1. “Prospect” defined...

a. “Prospect” is any player that has not reached 150 AB for hitters or 50 INN for pitchers in their MLB career.
b. “Prospect” is one who has entered the MLB Amatuer draft and has been drafted by a MLB team OR has only played professionally overseas
c. “Host Franchise Prospect” -- Player who is currently part of your host franchise’s minor league system

2. “Prospect” Roster Rules

a. Any player defined as a prospect can be rostered in your minor league system during the season with no salary cap penalty or counting against roster limits
b. Host Franchise Prospects can be kept in your minor league system over the off-season without penalty
c. Non-Host Franchise Prospects may be kept over the off-season as a designated “keeper” and will be counted as part of (20) allowed
d. Any prospects may be promoted or demoted at any time during season
e. Maximum of 20 spots are designated for minor league system for either host or non-host prospects

3. “Prospect” Acquistions

a. Original prospects are protected from Host Franchise as part of league setup
b. Prospects left unprotected from league set-up are eligible to be drafted during Initial Roster draft by any franchise
c. Prospects can be traded at will between franchises

1) Note trading for Non-Host prospects still can only be protected as part of keepers during off-season
2) Note trading for Host prospects that were not drafted or protected can be protected over off-season without penalty

d. June MLB First Year Player Draft

1) After Real-life draft, each franchise can protect up to (5) prospects from host franchise draft and add them to minor league system
2) Protected players who end up not signing with host franchise can still be retained but will fall under Non-host prospect roster rules
3) All unprotected players will be available to all teams in the following season’s restock draft

e. Prospects MAY NOT be acquired during season EXCEPT from host franchise

1) To curb prospect hoarding, franchises will be allowed to add up to (5) host prospects during the season from free-agency pool.
2) These players must be added by a league officer.

a) You must notify your League commissioner (AL or NL) and he will add player after verifying you have not gone over limit
b) In-Season Prospect adds will be tracked on proboards.

3) Once prospect reaches MLB, he is available to all franchises via free-agency as per normal rules.

4. “Prospect” Salaries & Contracts

a. Original prospects and Protected Amatuer draft picks will carry a salary of $500k
b. Prospects drafted will retain salary from draft slot as per “Player Salary” section in charter
c. Salaries and contracts for host franchise prospects will not increase as long as player doesn’t exceed prospect AB/INN career limits.

1) The first off-season after limits are exceeded, player’s salary will increase to $1.5M, Contract year will progress and player must be kept as part of (20) keepers
2) Non-host Prospects will retain salary and contract rules as any veteran player as stated in charter

J. CO-League Manager Model -- League Officers

1. There will be four additional Co-LMs used in this league due to the large format to help the Commissioner.

a. Two LMs will be chosen from each league - American League Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner & National League Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner.

b. Each Co-LM will help the Commissioner by reviewing teams in their respective league to ensure roster compliance, INN limits are followed and GMs are active minimally on a weekly basis.

2. In addition to the above duties, Co-LMs will make up an administrative panel along with the Commissioner to deal with league issues that come up.

a. Potential issues are, but not limited to, -- trade review, collusion, replacing ‘dead’ owners, recruiting and rules interpretation, salary cap and possible rule changes

b. Co-LMs will have LM powers to assist LM as needed on Fantrax site

3. Contact the Commissioner if you are interested in filling one of these openings.

IV. Final Thoughts

A. This charter is designed to give structure to this league and are subject to change. Commissioner has final say on interpretation of rules and guidelines.
B. Steps to join this league

1. Send email response to the commissioner requesting to reserve a spot.
2. Send $25 league fee via paypal to confirm reservation

a. Login or Sign up for Paypal account
b. Click on Send Money
c. In the “TO” box, enter --
d. Enter $25 as the amount
e. Click on “personal” and ensure money is being sent as “gift” or else paypal will add tax

Chicago White Sox Roster
*Please note that you can add 5 prospects from your host franchise at any point throughout the season as in season acquisitions and 5 host franchise prospects after the June 1st year player draft for a maximum of 20 minor league players.

Hitting- Active
C Castro, Jason C - HOU
1B Alonso, Yonder 1B - SD
2B Beckham, Gordon 2B - CHW
3B Sandoval, Pablo 3B - SF
SS Escobar, Alcides SS - KC
LF Viciedo, Dayan LF - CHW
CF Gillies, Tyson CF - PHI [Minor Leagues]
RF Joyce, Matt LF,RF - TB
UT Konerko, Paul 1B - CHW

Hitting- Reserves
Suzuki, Kurt C - WAS
LeMahieu, DJ 2B - COL [Minor Leagues]
Baxter, Mike RF - NYM
Reserve spot(s) available: 12

Inj Res spot(s) available: 4
Stewart, Ian 3B - CHC

Sanchez, Carlos 2B - CHW
Vitters, Josh (R) 3B - CHC
Thompson, Trayce CF - CHW
Hawkins, Courtney LF,CF,RF - CHW
Walker, Keenyn LF,CF,RF - CHW
Minors spot(s) available: 14

Pitching- Active
SP Bailey, Homer SP - CIN
SP Feldman, Scott SP,RP - CHC
SP Francis, Jeff SP - COL
SP Ramirez, Erasmo SP,RP - SEA
SP Sale, Chris SP - CHW
RP Badenhop, Burke RP - MIL
RP Lindstrom, Matt RP - CHW
RP Phelps, David SP,RP - NYY
RP Reed, Addison RP - CHW
RP Santiago, Hector SP,RP - CHW
RP Swarzak, Anthony SP,RP - MIN

Pitching- Reserves
Hochevar, Luke SP - KC
Reserve spot(s) available: 12

Pitching- Minors
Molina, Nestor SP - CHW [Minor Leagues]
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Re: 30 Team Dynasty League- 1 take over owner needed

Postby cannoncruz » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:51 pm

Now full
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