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Rate a 12 Team Goofy Deep ROTO league. WHIR for real

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:04 pm
by ks501
Leave a link if you want me to rate your team(s). I'm supposed to be studying for a licensing exam in my field so distractions are more than welcome.

Roto categories: R, HR, TB, RBI, AVG, OPS, and SB :: K, QS, W, SV, HLD, ERA and WHIP

My plan with this team is to do everything I can to win Holds with the best set up men I can find that will help round off my ERA and WHIP numbers. Then, I'll play the match up game with my starters for most of the season unless somebody proves themselves to be a must-start. The hitters have to carry.

C - Salvador Perez
1B - Paul Konerko
2B - Jose Altuve
3B - Ryan Zimmerman
SS - Elvis Andrus
1B/3B - Edwin Encarnacion
2B/SS - Marco Scutaro
OF - Josh Hamilton
OF - Matt Kemp
OF - Alex Rios
OF - Allen Craig
OF - Josh Willingham
DH - Justin Morneau
BN - Everth Cabrera
BN - Ryan Doumit
BN - Jed Lowrie

SP - Tim Lincecum
SP - Roy Halladay
SP - Tim Hudson
SP - Matt Harrison
SP - AJ Burnett
RP - Jake McGee
RP - Vinnie Pestano
RP - Eric O'Flaherty
BN - Andrew Bailey
BN - Clay Buchholz

Re: Rate a 12 Team Goofy Deep ROTO league. WHIR for real

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:51 pm
by bois13
Batting wise I think this team has a ton of potential. Even though Kemp probably won't run as much as he has in the past I still think he will produce great first round value. I am also a fan of Hamilton even though he switched teams, he stayed in the same division and will hit behind one of the best hitters of all time which will only help his value, as long as he stays healthy of course. I targeted Allen Craig in all of my drafts and missed out on him each time but I think he is going to have a great season and greatly out produce his draft value. Could push 30 HR and plenty of RBI if his lineup stays healthy. Not a fan of Willingham at all even with what he did last year, but I am pretty high on Encarnacion even though he wont touch his numbers from last year I think a 30/100 season is definitely within reach.

As far as pitching I like the set-up man strategy and I think the one's you have are some of the best out there. Pestano and O'Flaherty are two top flight set up pitchers and as long as Bailey stays healthy I think he could get a solid amount of holds. I personally am not a fan of Halladay at all, but if he stays healthy (which is a big question) he can still get 14-18 wins with good averages and solid strikeout numbers. Same goes with Lincecum. Thought he had turned it around with a good postseason but hasn't impressed much this spring and with a loss in velocity who knows what he'll do this year. I am a big fan of the Buchholz pick as I think he can easily be the Sox best pitcher this year (and hope he is being a big Sox fan) as long as he can stay healthy. He has better control and stuff than Lester in my opinion and if he can play the majority of the season at 100% I think he can push 17-20 wins with 175 Ks and a sub 3.00 ERA.

Re: Rate a 12 Team Goofy Deep ROTO league. WHIR for real

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:48 pm
by ks501
thanks man. bump for more thoughts

Re: Rate a 12 Team Goofy Deep ROTO league. WHIR for real

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:49 am
by ks501
just picked up matusz for this team because of his SP eligibility. looks like he isn't going to get the 5th starter job so his holds as a lefty specialist would be sick for me. having matusz, o'flaherty, pestano, and mcgee in at all times with bailey on the bench in case one of the main three RP's doesn't have a game that day should win me holds every week going away